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Article Review: Omeg3-brain aging (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

the article should be the same title.RED BLOOD CELL OMEGA3-FATTY ACID LEVELS AND MARKERS OF ACCELERATED BRAIN AGING.i would like to resnd the writer the instruction of the prof What to Look for: - Find research article on given topic from peer-reviewed source (preferably journal article from reputable journal) - The article could be about a new medical procedure, something newly discovered, or outcome studies of a certain procedure. - The article could also be a literature review, or interesting case study about a particular topic. - If you are unsure as to whether the article is from a scholarly source, clear it with me to make sure it fits the requirements - DO pick an article of reasonable length. Not too short…but certainly not too long either What to Do: - Review article and write an abstract – highlighting the main points of the article - If the article included subheadings (Patients, Methods, Results, Conclusions), include subheadings in your abstract to break up the information - Be clear and concise - do not copy the information, give a brief synopsis of what was in each section of the article - At the end of your summary, include a section describing your thoughts on the article. (information in summary is all Objective, here is an opportunity for you to be subjective). What did you like about the article, what was interesting? What were problems you saw in the methods, or in their conclusions? What does the article mean clinically? How is it relevant? - Include a complete reference citing the article. It does not matter what style formatting you use….just one that includes all of the necessary information. Abstract should be around 1 page in length. "please use the ariticle i upload for the abstract(the whole page paper.)" source..

Article Review: omeg3-brain aging
Article Review: omeg3-brain aging
Increased level of docosahexaenoic acid in the body is significantly associated with increased cognitive function.
Main points
High level of DHA activates RXR signaling pathway
When activated, RXR can clear β-amyloid deposits in the brain
Reduced level of β-amyloid deposits in the brain tandem with increased apoE promotes cognitive function and reduced aging of the brain
Article Review
In this article, Doctor Steven Brenner provides a precise overview of Tan et al., findings. Tan et al., findings shows that increased level of omega-3 fatty acids can increase cognitive functions and inhibit brain aging. A mouse with Alzheimer disease was used during the research. Dr Brenner describes that an increased level of a long chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fat...
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