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Triggers in Workplace (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is for a work sharepoint post. Basing it on the book Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith


Triggers in Workplace
Triggers in Workplace
This is a difference between saying and doing. Today, a worker promises himself change but when tomorrow comes he cannot live up to the promise because of being overconfident. A person may believe in himself to the extent that he/she cannot imagine failing under any given circumstance. The belief of not failing triggers overconfidence that turns out to be no longer an asset but a liability with respect to execution of the set plans (Goldsmith & Reiter, 2015). Eventually, the entire workplace becomes negatively affected.
It is sometimes difficult for make some employees adapt to new situations simply because they think whatever they know is the best, hence no need for change. This belief is likely to trigger stubbornness that is detrimental to productivity. We live in a constantly changing world that makes change inevitable. Organizations are forced to reorganize, restructure, or redeploy for them to remain relevant and sustainable (James & Barry, 1999).
It is human nature to believe in the idea of perfection, yet in the actual sense is not easily attainable. A manager can struggle to meet certain results so that he/she can compare with what according to him is ‘perfect’. When the results obtained fail to match with the ‘perfect outcomes’, a manager is pushed to the verge of giving up. This triggers hopelessness that eventually derails the entire idea of change.
Workplace is an environment that is characterized by some people who believe that their happiness and success is entirely their own responsibilities. These are the kind of employees who will tell you that their success is from their own effort and intelligence implying that it is neither shaped nor determined by those who surround them. In the end, they trigger their own isolation from a supportive environment.
Unrealistic Expectations
Some managers or supervisors fail to plan for what they consider as low-probability occurrences. However, it turns these...
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