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Opinion of parents on the quality of schools. Education (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


10 parents ( mostly mothers) are selected from schools to answer the Questionnaires. Data collected as Table 1 as uploaded.
Format of the report
1. Introduction ( 1 page) - Purpose /objectives of the report
* what's quality of school?
* why is it important?
* who contribute to this?
-stakeholders (teachers,management,program,facilities,curriculum..)
*why opinions of parents are important?
- Number of parents involved
- Methodology
*Questionnaires are given out to parents
* No translation required from parents
* No need to conduct the study verbally
* Problems might face and how did you solve them while conducting
2. Conclusion: (2 Pages)
- make a conclusion on what you found from the result from Table 1 (in Table 1 brackets indicate the number of parents)
- give your opinion on what you found


The Opinion of Parents on the Quality of Schools
Institutional Name
Institutional Affiliation
The Opinion of Parents on the Quality of Schools
The purpose of this study is to find out the opinion of parents who are mostly mothers on the quality of schools. The objective of many countries is to improve the quality of the school systems in order to show that they prepare primary school kids for secondary education. In addition, the nations prepare secondary school students for university education and jobs. Most governments pay attention to education knowing that it is a way to financial security for the low and middle-class citizens.
Experts define the quality of a school by the attitude that the office workers and the principal have. Where the employees in the school office are kind, efficient, and willing to assist the instructors, parents, and scholars, then that is a good quality school. On the other hand, the school should have a combination of both new and old teachers. Old tutors offer a lot of experience while the new ones provide innovation and much energy to impart knowledge to learners. Such qualified teachers are able to manage the classroom. The teachers and staff should be student-centered. Therefore, the school should emphasize teaching and mentoring of the scholars.

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