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Curriculum Comparative Analysis Paper. Education (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Step 2) Deconstruct this sample unit. Go through the chapters of UbD that we have read- do you see the big ideas, EUs, EQs, the 6 facets of understanding? Can you identify A B & C components within the learning design and activities? Do the assessments match the learning, does the learning match the assessments, are there learning opportunities that greatly enhance the odds of transfer of the learning beyond the classroom? How is this unit of learning appropriate for the diverse learners of today? You will want to focus in on two specific components of curriculum design that you believe are the most crucial and after first identifying how (and how well) these elements are used in both your exemplar unit and the one you designed, you will then drill down to identify and assess several other components of meaningful curriculum design.
Step 3) Compare the design of this unit to the one that you developed. Do you see things in your unit that you feel are a better representation of good curriculum design than in the example - or vice versa? Get as specific as you possibly can. Can you point to the A B C constructs within your own unit easier than in the example? Are there opportunities for differentiation? Does this unit engage meaningfully? Do both units do well in some areas and appear lacking in others?
Step 4) Use the rubric as your guide as you craft your Curriculum Comparative Analysis Paper. Remember, a comparative paper only works when the things being compared are specific enough for the reader to be able to understand the logic behind the author feeling the two things could validly compared.
For such work, using a graphic organizer- be it a simple Venn Diagram or a more complicated mind map (Inspiration software or MindMeister) will enable you to complete the assignment more effectively. This is not a paper for you to throw yourself under the bus, none of us is perfect; curriculum can always be reviewed and revamped.


Looking through the sample unit it is clear that there is some element of unity between the learning objectives and the content. When evaluating the sample unit relative to the six facets of understanding, the curriculum provides with the ability for the students to better understand the basic elements of the context in reference to the American society. In reference to the role of the book plays, the curriculum does bring it out and points to the significance of the book to the students and even the teachers. For the audience, there is the element of bias towards the students. The situation is a reflection of the context within which the readers can reflect upon. More importantly, the product is quite clearly laid out especially with reference to the way that students can create it. In reference to the standards and the criteria, the rubric is quite detailed and gives a very vivid picture of the material to be used and how the students are going to interact with it and how they are going assessed on the same.

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