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Formation Of The Solar System: Hubble Space Telescope (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1. Search the Internet and find three Hubble Space Telescope images of places where active star formation is taking place in the Milky Way Galaxy. Write a brief description of the object in the image; including things like the constellation where you would find this object, how far away it is, and other tidbits. You cannot use M42, the Great Nebula in Orion. Insert your images in a Word Document or Powerpoint. If you know how to save it as a pdf file, please submit as a PDF instead of the Word Doc or powerpoint.

2. Describe briefly NASA's Kepler Mission and its question to find exoplanets. How does one go about finding a planet circling a star tens or hundreds of LIGHT YEARS from Earth?


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Formation of the Solar System
1 The image above shows a shot of the young but massive stellar grouping called the R136. This relatively young group is a part of the larger Doradus 30 nebula (more famously known as the Tarantula Nebula), which is the part of an even larger star-forming group, which is that Large Magellanic Cloud. The main reason why this group is younger is that it was estimated the group was only formed a few million years ago. As for the stars, most of them are icy-blue in color and are almost 100 times as massive as our sun. Unfortunately, most of them undergo a repeated process where they explode into supernovae. Nonetheless, we were able to se

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