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Climate For Creativity: Workplace Analysis Worksheet (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1. Analyze the three scenarios and complete the “Creative Workplace Analysis Worksheet.” In a written narrative, respond to the following:
For each scenario, identify two positive attributes of the workplace that promote a culture of creativity. Be specific in your reference, and make sure you indicate why the attribute is supportive of creativity.
For each scenario, identify two negative attributes of the workplace that stifle a culture of creativity. Be specific in your reference, and make sure you indicate why the attribute stifles a culture of creativity.
2. In a written narrative, describe how negative attributes emerged in each scenario.
Explain how the negative attributes were rooted in conflicting business priorities and whether these priorities are justified. Provide your rationale, including an explanation of whether or not fostering a creative environment, is as important as other business priorities.
(1 - 2 pages)
3. Reflect on the negative attributes you identified in the scenarios and describe three individual initiatives (one for each of the scenarios) and three organizational initiatives (one for each of the scenarios) that can help alleviate the negative attributes identified as barriers to creative environments. Be sure to include the following:
Supporting rationale of evidence, data, or results (from the resources in the class, external resources, or from personal experience) and/or a learning point from resources (properly cited) that clearly articulate why each stated recommendation has good potential for improving the organization's climate for creativity and innovation
References, where appropriate, to organizational principles and practices for supporting creativity
(approximately 2 pages)


Climate for Creativity
Institutional affiliation
Climate for Creativity
Part 1
In scenario one the in-person brainstorm sessions play a great role in enhancing creativity among the employees in the organization. It encourages the culture of creativity. Secondly, the virtual message boards as discussed will be an important aspect that can help keep the culture of creativity as the employees can share their ideas as they come up. In the second scenario, Johann has come up with an idea to help the company achieve the set year goals after evaluation of the resources and consultation with other managers. Secondly, Johann plans to set aside a budget to train staff on original thinking in coming up with creative ideas rather than the current poorly thought out ideas. In scenario 3, the idea of labor cost savings in India could be a good idea and if the others heard about it they can implement it in their divisions. Secondly, the long term planning for recruitment to meet future needs is a great idea applauded by the CEO. This encourages the culture of creativity.
In scenario one, the business priorities have become an obstacle to the culture of creativity as the manager suggests that they should put on hold the brainstorm meetings and concentrate on the launch of the new models. Secondly, the GM is concerned about the priorities of the business and does not give time to the marketing director to engage him or allow him to speak up his ideas. In scenario 2, the president is concerned about the labor, time and cost savings in carrying out the suggested ideas which he terms complex. This deters the culture of creativity. Secondly, the president is more focused on the targets but does not want to listen to Johann's needs for improving resource allocation and coming up with innovative ideas, he is not concerned how the target will be achieved he just needs them achieved. In scenario 3, the CEO does not give time to the operations manager in India to speak up his idea. Secondly, the CEO does not give time to the lead operations in Latin America to oppose the proposed idea. This discourages the culture of creativity.
Part 2
In the first scenario t

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