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Public Health Creating Healthier Communities. Lung Cancer (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1.Public Health Creating Healthier Communities- You will design and plan an awareness campaign around a topic within the categories: Violence, Chronic Disease and Sexual health
Chronic Disease
Sexual Health.
Topic- 15pts
What problem do you want to solve
Why did you choose this topic
What is your desired impact
Organization of the presentation
Clarity of the presentation
Key Messages
Message Map
Dissemination Plan.
3.Points: 15pt
Creating a healthy community starts with an idea. In this portion of your final project, you will present your topic. In your discussion, clearly state what specific problem you want to solve that falls under the categories of: violence, chronic disease or sexual health.
Once you figure out your specific topic, next discuss the problem you want to solve. Or in the context of this final project, what to do you want to build a health communications around and why did you choose this particular topic? Is it a personal passion? If so why? Is it because it affects a community to which you belong? If so what is this community? In short, be detailed in why you chose this specific topic.
Next discuss what is your desired impact? Do you want to build awareness in the community or do you want to build awareness that leads to a behavioral change. Make sure your answer is well thought out and clearly communicates what you hope to accomplish.
What problem do you want to solve
Why did you choose this topic
What is your desired impact.
4.Goal (200 words)
Discuss the overall changes you wish to cause or results you want to achieve
Are you trying to educate or provide new information
Are you calling your audience to action
Are you trying to change behavior
Define the Problem (250 words)
What is the problem? Why is it a problem and what is the impact?
What demographic does this problem impact? To what extent
Key Message (200 words)
What are your key messages?
Message Map.
5.Target Audience (300 words)
Who is the primary audience
Are there secondary audiences?
What do they already know?
How are they likely to react to your message?
What barriers to do you have to overcome?
Who is your primary persona?
Dissemination (300 words)
How would you promote your product? (newspaper, radio, web, mass transit?)
Why this mode?
6 a.What is your topic?
Why did you chose this topic
Who does it affect? Why? How?
What problem do you want to solve
Why did you chose your medium of communication
b.What is your strategy for behavioral change?
Name the mode you used
Why did you chose the model
How will it help you accomplish your goal
c.Who is your audience?
Who is your primary/key audience?
Who is your secondary audience
Who is your persona? What is their profile
d.Present your product!
What should we know/ Walk us through your product
Why did you choose your product
What do you hope to accomplish.
I would prefer to discuss CANCER as a Chronic disease. kindly include a power point presentation for questions 6 from a-d.


Awareness Campaign on Lung Cancer
Institutional Affiliation
Awareness Campaign on Lung Cancer
Though Americans are generally living longer, the quality of their lives is adversely affected by the rising incidences of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are also a major cause of death all around the world. Cancer is one of the chronic diseases that have a huge impact both in the U.S. and all over the world. It is among the leading causes of death globally. It is estimated that 1,735,350 new cases of the disease will be reported in the U.S. in 2018 and 609,640 lives will be lost to cancer in the same period (National Cancer Institute, 2018). The government spent an estimated US$ 147.3 billion on cancer care in 2017. As the prevalence of the disease increases, the expenditure is also bound to rise. These chronic diseases can however be prevented by recognizing and addressing the interplay of the social factors that cause the disease such as education and access to care. 15.5 million people survived cancer in 2016, and the number is expected to rise to 20.3 million people by 2026 (National Cancer Institute, 2018). 

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