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Interview Plan Document for Habitat for Humanity Organization (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


There is an organization called Habitat for humanity that I need to interview. i will give you an example of how my teachers want the interview paper to be.
The name of the organization is Habitat for Humanity. It is located in Pocatello, Idaho, US. Because there are more than one habitat for humanity.


Interview Plan Document for Habitat for Humanity Organization
Interview Plan Document
PURPOSE: The interview aims at establishing the contribution of Habitat for Humanity organization in promoting the welfare of the community.
* To learn the primary goals of the Habitat for Humanity
* To understand the role of the organization in fighting poverty
* To learn how the contribution by the volunteers is utilized
* To understand the criteria used to qualify for aid
Good Afternoon George,
Thank you for taking time to talk to us about the Habitat for Humanity. I had the opportunity to work as a financial manager in one of the organizations that partner with the habitat for humanity for three years. I must admit your organization cares about the welfare of the society but am sure there have been changes over the years. I am required by my company to identify sound humanitarian organizations that may need donor funds. Your response to my questions will therefore be important in helping us. I hope you will be okay with the recording of this interview.
1 I would like to know the major goals of your organization.
* What is the organization’s mission and vision?
* What efforts you have put in place to achieve the goals of the organization?
* What are the major hardships in meeting your goals?
2 What is the role of the organization in fighting poverty in the United States?
I understand that one of our main objectives is to eradicate poverty in the country by helping the people who need financial assistance.
* What is the poverty level in the United States?
* Do you feel like the company has made any success in its efforts to eradicate poverty?
The organization has an initiative to build houses for the needy families. The initiative is aimed at changing the lives of the families.
* How effective is the project in eradicating poverty?
3 How is the donor funds utilized?
The main interest of the financiers of the organization is the utilization of their money.
* How does the company account for donor funds?
* When was the company audit done last?
One of the factors that determine the financial capability of an organization is the type of financial management in place. I understand you are the organization’s finance manager and I am glad because you are better placed to answer this question.
* What are the key competencies and experience of the organization’s finance manager?
4 What criteria does the organization use to identify the needy people?
There are many needy families in the country but some are needier than others. I understand that the organization has helped transform the lives...
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