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Freedom Of Speech In Universities Should Be Allowed (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Freedom of speech is an important element of the First Amendment. Briefly explain (in your own words) what "freedom of speech" means. How do you think "freedom of speech" should be treated at the university? For example, who should be allowed to speak here? what should they be allowed to speak about? what are the limits you'd place on who can speak and what they can speak about? How does the First Amendment's framing of "freedom of speech" support your positions?
Reference explicitly at least one of the readings from week 4.
1. Did you accurately explain freedom of speech?
2. Did you explain how you think freedom of speech should be treated at the University?
3. Did you effectively support your position(s) on freedom of speech at the University with information from the First Amendment?
4. Did you reference explicitly at least one article from week 4?
You need to pick at least one from the 4 articles and connects it to your writing. The pdf named week 4 part 1 is the class notes which has talked something about the freedom of speech and first amendment. Hopefully it helps. And please make sure you only have 4 paragraphs based on the 4 contents I have given.


Reflection 3
Reflection 3
Freedom of speech means the right of an individual or group to express their ideas and opinions freely using any media without the fear of facing any repercussions. This freedom is not only restricted to an individual expressing themselves but it also includes the provisions that one can use any medium to seek, impart or receive this information whether as ideas or opinions. In expressing, receiving or imparting these opinions and ideas one can has the option do it orally, using art, through print media and even through writing, depending on their choice.
Freedom of speech in universities should be allowed in order to expose students to diverse views that may often differ from their own. However, this freedom should be within the law such that no acts of violence have to be involved and everybody should freely express themselves without the fear of being shut down. This freedom can include peaceful protests and in doing this, the students need to have a safe space within which to express their opinions. A good example is Kaepernick's case (Robin 2016) whereby he refused to stand as a show of silent protest against the racist “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Even though there is a need to allow free speech, care should be taken to protect others from hate speech. As Chemerinsky (2017) points out, most students do take advantage of free speech to express vile, hateful or violent opinions against others. Controversial speakers in campus are usually a problem, but they can also be allowed to ex

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