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Company Use Of Social Media, Information, Digital Analysis (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:
How companies use digital and social media to effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to achieve a specific goal.
How digital media has transformed the communication of idea, information, and arguments in society.
Project Description
The use of digital media has transformed how companies communicate with their customers. The use of the websites, YouTube, e-books, e-mail and various forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and blogs has shaped current day communication strategies.
Project 1 Consists of:
Project Requirements (topics and content to cover)
Paper Requirements (content organization)
Submission Requirements (how to submit your assignment)
APA Resources (how to cite and select sources)
Due Date Information and Late Policy
Project Requirements
Select a company that utilizes digital or social media to communicate with customers to complete Section 1.
NOTE 1: You are required to complete ALL THREE SECTIONS of this project (Sections 1, 2, and 3).
Provide the following information about the company you select:
Item 1: What is the name of the company?
Item 2: What year was the company established?
Item 3: What is the company's goal or mission?
Item 4: What products and services does the company offer or provide?
Item 5: Provide the company website address (URL).
Item 6: How many employees does the company employ?
Item 7: Where is the company's headquarters located?
Item 8: What are the company's most recent earnings?
Section 1 Source: Include at least one source for Section 1. Include this source as an in-paper citation and on your Reference page.
Section 1 Example: The Henkel Company
To help you with completing Section 1, an example is provided below:
“…Henkel was founded in 1876. People around the world trust Henkel's innovations, brands and technologies. In the fiscal year 2016, the company reported sales of approx. 18.7 billion euros and an operating profit of around 3.2 billion euros (adjusted for one-time gains/charges and restructuring charges). The DAX-30 company has its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. Henkel employs more than 50,000 people worldwide, over 80 percent of whom work outside of Germany. Henkel is thus one of the most international German companies…”
Henkel. (2017). Company Profile. In Company Profile. Retrieved 5/18/17, from
NOTE 2: You can not use the Henkel Company in your project.
How does the company use Digital and Social Media to communicate with their customers?
Item 1: List all of the digital and social media platforms the company uses to communicate with customers (including websites, YouTube, e-books, e-mail and various forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and blogs).
Item 2: Describe how the company uses each digital and social media listed in Item 1 above to achieve their goals or mission.
Section 2 Source: Include at least one source for Section 2. Include this source as an in-paper citation and on your References page.
Provide an example of how the company uses digital and or social media to accomplish an objective (e.g. to address a serious public relations issue, promote a cause, market a product, achieve strategic advantage by using Big Data, or promote an event).
Item 1: Describe the situation or example in detail.
Item 2: How successful was the company in accomplishing the objective? Support your answer.
Item 3: List one thing the company could have done better to accomplish their objective.
Item 4: If you decide to discuss the company's use of Big Data to achieve strategic advantage, does their use of Big Data concern you as a potential customer? Why or why not?
To help you with completing Section 3, we have provided two sample topics below:
Section 3 Example 1: Target's Data Breach
Target's December 2013 data breach was a public relations nightmare, but the company responded swiftly over social media, posting safety guidelines on Twitter and keeping an open dialog with its aggrieved customers.
Section 3 Example 2: Target's Use of Big Data
Target is renowned in the industry for its data collection practices. Target maintains a customer relationship management database which includes information from in-store purchases (they link all of your purchases to a unique customer identifier) and data they collect externally (e.g. data from Facebook and other sources). Combine the two data streams and Target can predict, with high degree of certainly, what your gender is, where you live, how far you travel to work, your relationship status, and they can even tell if you are pregnant, and if so, when you are due. The amount of money spent each year in pregnancy-related purchases is tremendous. In efforts to win the market share in this profit area, Target has hired a team of statisticians to perform predictive analysis. The goal, in this particular situation, is to predict which women are expecting (or soon to be), without asking them directly, by analyzing their purchasing behavior (e.g. cribs, baby clothes, prenatal vitamins, etc.). This way Target can "target" this particular demographic (with coupons, discounts, and other offers) very early, thus getting a jump on the competition.


Institutional Affiliation:
Company Use of Social Media
This paper seeks to establish and provide information on a company that makes use of social media or other digital media's. Several organizations have established their shops on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms in their quest for new customers. Apparently, the techniques incorporated in capturing the attention of customers tend to vary, with some exceeding others. To few business entities, a social media advertisement remains enormous and useful trends that need to be exploited. Potential shoppers and clients therefore search through social media accounts that are amusing and savvy since they require conversationalists in tuning into necessities.
Given this, it is essential to consider that the interest of their intended interest groups is evident in their social channels utilized in conveying their incentives. Additionally, the utilization of web-based networking in a bid to viably communicate data, thoughts, contentions, and messages are developed to achieve a given objective. This paper therefore seeks to portray the manner in which media has considerably changed the corresponding data, thoughts, and claims within the public area. The second section of this paper will determine the manner in which companies utilize the digital media in communicating with their customers. Lastly, the third section will conduct an analysis aimed at describing how a chosen company makes use of social media in achieving their objectives.
The organization selected for this paper is Zappos Company. Zappos Company was established in 1999 and currently has physical stores in different regions that are restricted by spans of the company's stock rooms, an aspect that enables customers to browse through a modest bunch of different products and styles from the stores, with this enabling the clients to look over each of their brands. Zappos Company mission statement also inferred to as the “Zappos employee” is pegged on their WOW philosophy. This philosophy is based providing the best customer services to their customers (Markus Stahlberg, 2013). prosperity is therefore reliant on the organizations steadfast engagement with clients, an aspect that is rated at 40 percent. The company provides a straightforward and simple to use site to its customers through an unending stock of shoes that offer clients these products for their intended purposes and style including the shades.
Zappos on the other hand provides its prospective purchasers what other physical retailers are limited in providing; an aspect that is attributed to this company's tranquil shopping approach and background that have no drawbacks such as delivery charges and bother restores. After a period of ten years, ensured it procured an online store on The company did not withstand its namesake sites since there were other namesake website that shared the same name with the company such as,,, and Zappos therefore turned into one of the excellent online retail store in the shoe industry. The company promoted its administrators trusted verbal tributes that were considered as crucial as compared to its customary spending. Given this, the company spent close to 15 percent of its income on publicity, an aspect that saw the advertisement of the company's products through an online approach.
On the other hand, the company's client referrals demonstrated the organizations approach to establish a viable approach to reach its consumers, with this approach perceived as essential in enabling the organizations clients sh...

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