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Reflection On FedEx Case Study (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Indicates a one-page,single space,10 point font reflection answering the questions at the end of the case-these questions are located on pages 520 and 521.


Reflection on FedEx case study
FedEx was established in 1971, and the company offers delivery services to its customers nationally and internationally. It is focused ensuring the best experiences for its customers with adjustment of its approaches. The corporation has gained the rank of overnight shipping business all over the world, and it has progressed into a global giant. FedEx employees deliver over 11 million packages per day across the globe. The company has advanced in the last four decades to become a $46 billion global giant in the courier sector.
Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that FedEx customers demonstrate differentiating these three concepts.
Needs are the requirements that are vital and basic to the existence of an individual. The need demonstrated by the customers of the company is the need of expressiveness, and also the customers wish to be attended to in a way that makes them have a sense of belonging in a particular social class of the society.
Wants are unfulfilled desires or needs which are temporary and vary on a regular basis. Wants are ways of accomplishing few needs. The want of the customers of FedEx is to acquire the urgently needed goods and materials in the shortest period possible.
Demands are the temporary and persistent requests which arise when a customer can sacrifice some money to get satisfied with some specific need, (Li et al. 2016). Customers of FedEx demonstrate the demand to be offered export and import services to their convenient places. They also demand to be offered tracking services that ensure they know about the progress of the packages.
Describe FedEx regarding the values it provides customers. How does FedEx engage customers?
FedEx deals with the business of transportation, and therefore it has the task of providing customer values in cargo services to all its customers worldwide. The company provides services to cust

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