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Marketing Strategies: Social Media Facebook And Instagram (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Marketing Strategies: Social Media Facebook And Instagram


A strategy is a plan of action intended to accomplish specific goals. Companies or enterprises adopt different strategies, which will be suitable for accomplishing their goals. Mostly, companies implement strategies so that they can reach a large market. When they implement them, and they are able to reach larger markets. The growth of those organizations is promoted regarding the revenue they get because they make high sales. Moreover, when the organizations reach a large market, the organization's financial stability is promoted. The following are examples of some of strategies organizations adopt and a description of how to proceed when marketing a product or a service, and finally a description of why certain strategies would be the best for the target market.
Marketing Strategies
Marketing strategies are the strategies that organizations implement so that they promote their products and services. Examples of marketing strategies include social media marketing strategy, which is a strategy where organizations use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to advertise their products so that they can create awareness of the products and services they offer to new potential customers. The companies advertise their products in social media platforms by, for example, posting photos of their products and sharing videos that provide information about what they offer. There is also the guerilla marketing strategy, which involves an organization using unconventional interactions so that they can promote their commodities and services (Rainey, 2012). For instance, if a company deals with the sale of flowers the management of the company can decide to lend flowers to a function that has been attended by its target customers. By doing that, the company can acquire new customers, because some of the individuals who will have participated in the function will gain interest in the flowers and consequently they will be willing to buy from the company. Moreover, there is the cause marketing strategy, which involves sponsoring a charity so that organizations can be able to reach new markets. For instance, an organization can decide to sponsor a marathon that raises money for a charitable organization. When companies do this, they reach new markets because people will be willing to trade with them because they will feel it is concerned about the issues of the society. Additionally, there is the positioning marketing strategy, and it involves creating a strong brand in the marketplace so that new markets can be reached. A company can create a strong brand by deciding to charge high prices for its products and services, and since many people believe costly products and services are of high quality, the company can win over many new customers. In addition, there is the content marketing strategy, and it involves the creation and publishing of content by companies so that they can educate new potential customers about their products and services. The strategy can be an effective means of influencing them into buying the products and services, and therefore the companies are able to acquire new customers. Lastly, there is the trade show marketing strategy, and it involves the invitation of potential customers by companies in gatherings so that they ca...
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