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Marketing Functions within the Larger Organization (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Marketing Functions within the Larger Organization


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Marketing remains an important element within an organization. This paper seeks to describe the manner in which marketing functions within an organization (internally) and within the environment (externally) in consideration of the expected outcomes within this discipline. Additionally, the paper will explain how organizations establish customer-centered businesses by describing aspects that impact the consumer decision-making processes. Lastly, the paper will discuss some of the tools that are utilized in making effective marketing decisions.
Marketing Functions within the Larger Organization
Internal marketing takes consideration of marketing practices within an organization that ensures measures are placed with the sole objective of communicating an organization marketing principles and policies to the employees and internal stakeholders. According to Spekman (2015) the internal process of marketing in an organization include like brands or patents, intangible assets, in addition to an organization’s resources such as the human and financial capital. Given this, it is significant to consider that internal marketing influences and organizations internal environment. An instance of this is evident in the manner in which internal factors are utilized in communicating the expectations and values of an organization to the employees and other internal stakeholders besides the creation of business advocates within the market place that allows employees to interact with the products as well as with others.
In contrast to this, the external marketing approaches involve an organization marketing practice driven outwards an organization with the sole objective of creating value and forming productive customer relations. Other areas that are impacted by external marketing practices include the microenvironment and macroenvironment that have the capacity to increase or reduce the entity`s ability to create value for its consumers (Spekman, 2015). The microenvironment consists of suppliers, customers, and an organizations competitor while the macroenvironment takes into consideration different societal forces that have the capacity to influence the microenvironment such as cultural, p0olitical, and social aspects. Both of these factors influence the business functions and consumers and the manner in which they make their purchasing decisions. Consumers and businesses purchase decisions are in this case influenced by the promotion and marketing of products, brands, and services.
Organizations marketing process takes consideration of its internal and external customers through the inclusion of different techniques driven towards communicating with its clients. Marketers in this case ensure that both the internal and external customers are differentiated. In an internal marketing approach, an organization puts measures aimed at motivating the employees and its support services to work towards ensuring consumer satisfaction. Through this, an organization enhances its internal functions such as the inclusion of human resource intranets, internal recruitments, and briefings as part of its internal processes aimed at enhancing marketing. Companies therefore need to recruit the right employees and train them adequately to motivate the employees on marketing an organization`s product (Gholston et al, 2016). These approaches are therefore driven towards achieving an organization`s objective aimed at enhancing the delivery of quality services to consumers. The goals of this department therefore remain in ensuring that effective internal and external factors are con...
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