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Division of Labour. Carl Max and Adam Smith. Business & Marketing (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


In this week’s lecture we discussed how the division of labour generates both costs and benefits within society. On one hand, the division of labour stimulates increased productivity, wages, profits, and overall prosperity. On the other, the specialization and standardization required also function to alienate and disempower those that work along the ‘bottom rungs’ of the machine process. Based on the notion of heterogeneous outputs and skills, we know that these costs are not evenly distributed across society. Most often, the costs and benefits tend to distribute unevenly across socioeconomic classes. Using concepts and examples from class, make a clear, succinct, and effective argument stating your position on the nature of value and how society should remunerate labour power (i.e. Smith vs Marx). This does not need to be black and white; you can fall in between the two poles, you just need to justify your answer.
Do not restate any of the sentences contained in this question. Use examples from the lecture and class discussion to support your answer. Outside information will be accepted, but we will fact check any and all claims we cannot immediately verify.


Using concepts and examples from class, make a clear, succinct, and effective argument stating your position on the nature of value and how society should remunerate labour power


Division of Labour
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Division of Labour
Division of labour is the means of separating different individuals and assigning them to specific tasks in a society or economic system. Carl Max and Adam Smith are some of the most famous economists to have developed various theories of the economy. The two economist's theories have enabled people to understand the nature of value and how society is should remunerate labour power.
According to (Arthur & Marx, 2018), the nature of value should be viewed through the notion that surplus value is the cause of all profit.

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