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‘Sleep No More’ - Choreography For The Broadway Show (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Students are expected to see at least one Broadway or Off-Broadway show and turn in a two-page paper about the choreography in that show. The paper should include who the choreography was and the style of the choreography: any used steps, any observation...
Suggestion on the writing method:
Because "Sleep No More" is a show that does not have a script, all the performances relied on the dancer's dancing. (The dancer is more like an actor because all the action and dancing were both serving on talking about the story of Macbeth, and the necessity of the characters in the story)
So mainly using the angle of Macbeth story to write about how each characters choreographing and how they serve in each condition. When a different situation, different peoples, different things happening, what connection between choreographing and each thought from characters and how it was performed? Where is the best apply? For example: After Lady Macbeth went crazy, at the swimming pool located on the 5th floor of the hospital, she was washing hands because she always thought her hands were bloody. So, how the choreographing and performance illustrate this story, and how it brings a strong connection to the audience and a sense of reality.


Sleep No More
Sleep No More
For those that get to see the show, this is an experience that leaves a lasting memory. Based on the story of Macbeth, the show leaves the audience in a place where they get involved in the story, albeit in a passive manner. This is the case largely because, the experience is like none that one watches on stage, where all of the scenes are on the stage and the audience watches from their seats. The Sleep No More is a show that gives the audience the chance to interact with the environment where the shows come together ("Sleep No More", 2018). The audience has the chance to go into either of the rooms or even follow the characters they want in the show. This is a show for the audience to get a feel of the environment in which the characters are able to create the story.
The choreography of the event is carried out in such a way that, the audience is able to experience the show first hand. In the show, the audience is each given a mask that they are supposed to have on at all times. This allows the audience and the characters in the story to be differentiated. Ideally, the characters are not allowed to have masks on so that anyone that has their masks on is part of the audience (Brantley, 2011). This way, when people interact in the six-story building they know how to identify those actions and those in the story as spectators. There are six stories, however, the sixth is a mystery as the audience are

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