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Final Test: Indian Horse By Richard Wagamese (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


These questions are my final test questions. The reading sources can be find on google.


Final Test
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Questions based on the novel: novel: Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese
Who were the members in Saul’s family?
His biological family members include his mother, sister, brother, grandmother and great-grandfather.
What happened to Benjamin?
Benjamin died due to tuberculosis that he picked from residential school, and shortly after his death, his parents moved to their ancestral home.
What is the role of hockey in Saul’s life?
Termed as white people’s game, Saul becomes so adept to hockey. He is of the view that he is talented and hardworking enough to win the game.
Who is Father Leboutilier?
Father Leboutilier, a kind man on the surface, polishes Saul’s natural skills in hockey in Residential school. He proves to be abusive at the end and child molester.
Who is Fred Kelly?
The coach of the Moose hockey team, Fred Kelly, helps Saul to fulfill his dreams in the game. He asks Saul to live in his home and provides affection of a family.
What is the name of the aboriginal team that Saul plays for? Who is the captain of that team?
Saul played for the Moose, a team having all aboriginal players, and the team was led by Virgil Kelly.
Why doesn’t Saul want to play with the team of Kapuskasing?
It is due to the fact that he received racial abuse and was beaten.
Why was going to God’s lake one last time so important for Saul?
It is because he wanted to see his family.
Wagamese presents a fine balancing act: exposing the horrors of the country’s residential schools while also celebrating Canada’s national game. Comment on the statement.
Where the residential schools in Canada typified the horrific face of human beings and their tormented souls, the game of hockey symbolized the national pride vested with feelings like self-confidence, courage, and discipline.

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