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Discussion Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review Paper (Movie Review Sample)


Your Introduction chapter reading explored the concept of art and art theory. In particular, the chapter asked you to think about what art is to you. According to the chapter, everyone has an opinion (therefore, theory) on art. To continue our exploration of this topic, click the "Reply" button directly underneath this post and complete ALL of the bulleted tasks listed below.
Think about what the word "art" means to you. Then have a look around your environment or do a google search to find an image of an artwork that fits your theory of art. Share a work that you believe exemplifies art. Your chosen work can be a painting, sculpture, photograph, film still... really anything!
Use the instructions provided in the Discussions page to properly embed an image of your chosen artwork.
Write a well-edited paragraph that describes your chosen work and explains why you have chosen it as your example of art. Remember to use your own words to avoid plagiarism. Cite your sources when needed.
Although not required for this post, you are encouraged to comment on each other's content and to ask each other questions. Try to expand your understanding of art through active conversation! Try to benefit from the diversity and knowledge of your classmates!


Art Discussion
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Art Discussion
From my perspective, art refers to an individual’s expression of creativity in visual forms that portray beauty, emotional, political, or religious interconnectedness. In other terms, it illustrates something either directly or indirectly. Every art has a unique meaning based on the interpretation given by its artist. For example, one might come up with a painting or sculpture to describe God or prominent political leaders. “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo is among the most magnificent, beautiful, and meaningful paintings that fulfills my definition of perfect artwork.

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