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Media Representation of Gendered or Sexualized Violence (Movie Review Sample)


Write a paper that analyzes one media representation (fictional) of gendered or sexualized violence. Your paper should:
• Cite specific details from your chosen example and link them directly to specific details in reading on gendered violence (Sujata Moorti, "White Men do Feminism" AND ONE ADDITIONAL READING ABOUT your chosen text/example based on your own research. NOTE: You may use any relevant source(e.g., scholarly essay, newspaper article, blog post) and you must discuss and evaluate it on its own terms (e.g., in relation to its credibility, intended audience, rhetorical goals); and
• Identify where your example fits into a genealogy of media representations of violence and interpret and evaluate some specific details from your chosen example (e.g., highlight the stakes
in how the media represented your example of violence); and
• Analyze the text’s form and content in ways that demonstrate a familiarity with feminist approaches to popular culture.
I WANT YOU TO ANALYZE MY FICTIONAL BOLLYWOOD MOVIE CALLED "NO ONE KILLED JESSICA" (as my main fictional piece to analyze); and analyze it critically with sujata Moorti's article i provided.
please make sure the claims/arguments are not too general. i want you to please be specific and make claims/arguments.
be specific in making claims and DONT GIVE ANY GENERAL claims
Here are the tips to create arguments:
1. how is the violence against women described or depicted?
2. how does the show understand the relationship between the violence against women and other social issues?
3. how does the show repeat some of the conventions Moorti describes as typical of television dramas about violence against women?
4. how does the film/show CHALLENGE some of the conventions Moorti describes as typical of tv dramas about violence against women?

Your name
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April 21, 2015
Media Representation of Gendered or Sexualized Violence
The theme of feminism comes out prominently in the movie No one Killed Jessica. The initial objective of the movie writer Raj Kumar was to depict the deep divide between the different social classes in India. However, as the story continues, the theme of feminism comes out eminently to haunt the patriarchal society which fails to recognize the value of the women folk in the society. One late night in a crowded club Jessica Myra, a renowned model refuses to serve an abhorrent young patron, Manish with his two friends. Without a second thought, the young patron pulls out a gun with the intent to scare Jessica but then shoots her dead (Rajkumar, 2011). At the center of the conflict is this rotten society in which men act on their on whims without caring whether they are hurting the women folk or not. Manish does not regard Jessica as a human being he kills her over a drink not considering the consequences of his deeds (Rajkumar, 2011). Referring to Moorti’s sentiments on feminism, it’s apparent that all the men who witnessed the murder are now quite and not willing to give any information to implicate Manish in this murder (p.115). Like in many other scenarios where women are violently ostracized no one is daring enough to stand out for the truth so that justice can prevail.
Sabrina is Jessica’s younger sister, she is bespectacled and solemn over the death of her sister; she hopefully waits for justice to take its course but she is in for a shock. The justice system again is under the mercies of the patriarchal system, again men make the key decision and this means that women may not necessarily obtain justice from the system. Although the justice system should be impartial and safeguard the rights of all the genders its still falls under the machinations of the patriarchal system. Jessica’s murderer is the son of a high-ranking politician, the so called untouchables. As such his father is able to shield his son from being incarcerated by intimidating witnesses and offering to bribe people to buy their silence. An observation made in the Moorti’s perception is that social structures have created an enabling climate that causes men to violate women freely (p.112). For example, in the Indian context, gender role socialization causes women to be submissive and obedient to the point that they can be freely violated without the society taking notice. Moreover, gender based hierarchies which have been sustained through the dominant patriarchal institutions do not allow men to know the boundaries and the kind of coercions they should exert on women.
These communities have functions that define the roles of the women in the society. In such societies, women are perceived as elements that should only be seen but not heard. They are treated as property of the community and are never allowed to express their concerns or feelings even in the event that their rights are violated in the society. These analogies clearly indicate the biased view of the societies view of women in seeking justice in instances of abuse.
The case in No One Killed Jessica simply represents abhorrent levels of intolerance and hate. Over three hundred people were present when Jessica was killed but there is nobody daring to come out and offer the true story so that the criminal can be implicated. In Gupta, the patriarchal s...
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