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Film Review (Movie Review Sample)

Write a review of your favorite film(min250words) and a review of your least favorite film(min250words). Most favorite film review will be "The Conspirator (2010)" by Robert Redford. My least favorite film review will be "Zodiac (2007)" by David Fincher(However it was both a good movie) source..
The Conspirator
Robert Redford clearly portrays himself as an activist but is awful at balancing his political viewpoints with storytelling. In The Conspirator, he at least has the courtesy to give a story. Despite solid performances and the promise of a complex narrative, Redford finally undermines his message of "Justice for All" by victimizing the criminal.
The set is at the end of the Civil War, the mood is that of celebration but John Wilkes Booth goes and assassinates Lincoln. Perpetrators of this horrible act are quickly rounded up and brought before a military tribunal. Among the accused is Mary Surratt (Robin Wright) who is accused of providing the perpetrators with boarding facilities which also doubled as the assasins`headquarters. The Conspirator is however not Mrs. Stuartt`s story. It`s a legal drama which revolves around her attorney Frederick Aiken, (James McAvoy) who at first was reluctant to represent her following that he was a union man. However as the story unfolds, Aiken comes to understand and realizes that Surratt is being pushed through the trial and her only salvation is giving up the other conspirators and her son as well.
Through the movie, Redford wants to convey that all people should be treated equally before the law. He stresses that everyone deserves a fair trial. His failure comes about because he portrays Mrs. Stuartt as absolutely clea...
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