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Disney movie review Maleficent (Movie Review Sample)


Please write a movie review of the Disney movie- Maleficent (2014) with your original opinion, not summarize other reviews. The paper should develop in six parts: the intro, Description or summary of the subject ,Strengths of the subject , weakness of the subject, /Weighing the strengths of the subject against its weaknesses, and Conclusion ----------- You have to do at least two prewrite exercises before your draft (i.e. a freewrite, a looped freewrite, a well developed bubble diagraph, a sentence outline). Any secondary sources you quote or paraphrase in you review must be cited in text and in an attached works. For each secondary source (other than the one used for the image) --- Criteria for Evaluation I will be looking for the following: • An introduction that identifies the text being reviewed • Description or summary of the text • Discusses about how the text meets, exceeds or fails to meet common expectations • Discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the text (unless it is a rave review) • Uses specific details to support claims• A conclusion that contains a overall judgment of the text • Correct MLA format (including citations) • Includes an image • At least 1500 and no more than 2000 words Points will be deducted for failing to: • Write an original review (can’t s summarize other reviews) • Identify the text in the introduction • Describe or summarize the text • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the text (unless a rave review) • Support your claims with detailed examples • Include an image • Use MLA format • Observe the word count ----- IMPORTANT!!!::: 1. Please include your TWO prewrite for me ( you can do a freewrite, a looped freewrite, a well developed bubble diagraph, a sentence outline) 2. Please also include your outline 3. fill out the two evaluations after you finish the paper. 4. For the sources, please use only ONLINE sources, and include the website link. 5. For each source, please screen shot and highlight what quotation that you have used too. 6. Just attach the prewrite, two evaluations, and screen shot of caution for me. thanks

Prewriting 1
An overview on Maleficent looking at the characterization of the main characters especially Maleficent, the female villain.
Focus on the actions undertaken by Maleficent, Aurora and Stefan as they are related to the movie’s plot.
Take a closer look at the depiction of Maleficent and Aurora in the fairytale.
Prewriting 2
Focus on the theme of female empowerment as well as feminism.
Look into whether the portrayal of female characters is different from the stereotypically representation of female characters.
Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the Feminist edge in the film
Highlight on the interaction of feminism, progressiveness and the unity of women in achieving equality
Provide a background to the story’s development.
Introduce the subject of feminisms and how it is related to Maleficent.
Description of the subject
This highlights more on feminism, and how the subject matter is important to the story.
Emphasize on the use of revenge as simply a way to get back at past wrongdoings.
Nonetheless, showing that Maleficent intended to liberate people shows that feminists should look at combining forces with likeminded people to change the society.
Strengths of the subject
Highlight on differences with the typical representation of women in fairly films.
Compare the depiction with gendered traditional roles, and the extent to which, the subject is powerful in passing the message across about progressiveness.
Emphasize on the significance of showing powerful female heroines in the film.
Weakness of the subject
Highlight on limitations about the film’s depiction of female characters in fairly tales.
The portrayal of male villains as the source of evil oversimplifies the narrative about the role of men and women in the society.
The feminist edge in the film is not transformative enough, as the story is simply revisionism.
Even though, Maleficent is a strong woman, the same cannot be said about Aurora who is depicted as simply a beautiful blond.

Strengths versus the weaknesses
The feminist angle did not overly ridicule men, but it is the betrayal of Stefan the male villain that results in Maleficent’s vengeance.
Mutilation of Maleficent by a man, who supposedly loved, provides talking points on the different angles to feminism, focusing on women’s viability and their ability to fight for equality.
Sum up the various angles to the subject of feminism as depicted in Maleficent, taking into account the characterization of Maleficent and Aurora.
Movie Review: Maleficent
In Maleficent, Disney depicts a female character that vengeful, but Maleficent charms the audience as a loving mother to the Sleeping Beauty. There are indications that Maleficent is also a feminist who is not afraid to stand for what she believes in, whereby motherhood and feminism are interwoven in the story. As such this review will focuses on the depiction of Maleficent in the film as well as the characterization of Princess Aurora the two leading female characters. Similarly, the characterization of Stefan will be taken into consideration, as this sets ground for the theme of victimization as represented by Maleficent’s actions following her betrayal b yStefan. This essay will further focus on the subject of women portrayal in the fairies and how this is related to the feminist edge in the story as well as strengths and weaknesses of the subject addressed.

The character of maleficent
Description/ summary of the subject
The film has a feminist angle, where the revisionist fairy tale focuses on Maleficent the villain, who is revengeful (Johnson). To begin with Maleficent and Stefan appear to have a mutual unde...
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