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Woman Xia: Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the famous film “A Touch of Zen” (侠女) by King Hu (胡金铨). Discuss the story in the film (200 words), and then analyze the figure of the woman warrior. How is she similar or different from the other woman warriors you’ve encountered in the stories “General’s Daughter” and “Hong Xian,” or the film “The Assassin” (200 words)
I will upload the pictures of stories “General’s Daughter” and “Hong Xian,” the whole essay should be no less than 400 words.


Date due:
Woman Xia
“A Touch of Zen” is a martial movie about the attempt by a scholar and painter named Gu to help prevent a corrupt Eunuch Wei from arresting and killing Yang. The story, told through Gu’s eyes, unfolds when Gu, who lives with his mother, gets Ouyang as a new customer. He wants his portrait painted, but Gu soon realizes that he is an army commander looking to arrest Yang. Armed with this information, Gu befriends Yang, and together they set to take revenge against Eunuch Wei. The Eunuch’s corruption dealings had come to light courtesy of Yang’s father, and to silence them, he sets to eliminate Yang as he did with her father. As super-warriors, Yang, her friends, and Ouyang engage in a fighting battle in which Yang kills him. Gu participates as well but only after gaining confidence once he sleeps with Yang. Together, they utilize rumors and fighting to win the battle against Ouyang’s replacement Men Da and his men. After, she runs into hiding. Gu eventually finds her in a monastery in the care of Abbot Hui-yuan where she had become a nun after giving birth to their son. Yang surrenders the child to Gu and tells him their relationship is over. She, however, comes to his defense once ambushed by the evil Eunuch

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