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Wings Of Desire Film Analysis (Movie Review Sample)


Go watch the movie 'Wings of Desire' which is made by 1987 and I am require the same detail with last one.


Wings of Desire Film Analysis
Film plot and background
Wings of Desire which was set in Germany in 1987 immediately after the cold war ended. The film focuses on following two angels namely; Damiel and Cassiel as they roam around the city unheard and unseen by people. Damiel and Cassiel are angels sent to earth to strictly observe life and pay attention to the passing of time among humans. Damiel and Cassiel are in West Berlin as the film portrays, there are other angels but these characters two are the main focus of Wings of Desire (Brussat & Brussat 2-3).
The plot is focused in West Berlin before the Berlin Wall was destroyed. At the start of the film, Damiel is highlighted on top of a statute as he listens to the numerous thoughts of individuals that pass by underneath him (Frazer 18). As he slowly observes them, Damiel slowly feels disconnected to humans and begins wishing that he could also see colors and experience the world as they do. This is impossible since angels can only view the world in black and white as indicated in the movie.
Eventually, Damiel due to loneliness falls in love with Marion who likes dancing and listening to music and lives alone in a trailer (Sexson 7). In pursuit of something deeper he sheds his mortal existence and no longer is an angel and can now join the woman, he desired for a long time. The film shows the wanderings of the other angel Cassiel as he attempts and succeeds in tapping into the mind of a young man that wants to commit suicide and the angel lives his depressing life by experiencing his constant tragedy
Important components of the film
The film was directed and made in a highly esoteric and avant-grade manner which displays the New German Cinema elements which were rampant during this period. This enabled the director and other participants involved in making the film too gain enough publicity by audiences to get an even larger budget film rolls which were backed in the United States. Additionally, it created a resurgence in the filmmaking and cinema industry, especially in Germany. Through the success of other film directors that also employed similar elements, more German directors started creating stories that related to German history and nationality and also the actual challenges that modern citizens face daily. As the director of Wings of desire, Winders gained massive success and has become one of his most recognized movies. He also is a standout director and a great example of the New German Cinema movement.
Through the directing of Winders, the audience is capable of feeling the agelessness of the angels and also comprehending the significant amount of events ad time that they have witnessed. There is an element of tranquility and even mediation that vibrates throughout the entire film (Sexson 24-27). One competent that is clear to the audience is the melancholic nature in the manner that the story unravels and the lengthy amount of time it takes for the clear plot to be apparent, which is ninety-minute sin into the movie. Before this, the viewer has exposed to the manner that the angels observe the passage of time and also the actions and perceptions of the individuals that are under surveillance.
In Wings of desire, the director portrays the what, and how the angels are exposed to in the world and also the manner that the help people that inhabit the earth. Even though the angels are assessing and making their conclusions concerning the human condition, they are prohibited from feeling or having an emotional connection to their findings (Frazer 19). Additionally, they do not possess a color spectrum which humans have as they can only view things in black and white which is highly unrealistic even though still b...

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