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Theatre Review Of Romeo & Juliet, Teamwork Between The Actors (Movie Review Sample)


HOW TO WRITE A THEATRE REVIEW Minimum of two pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, MLA format Write an evaluation of a performance of a play containing a minimum of five paragraphs. The questions below will get you started, but please ensure that you expand on those ideas with full sentences. Paragraph 1 - The Basics Introduce the name of the play, author, and location of performance. In a few sentences tell about the basic theme of the play and a very general plot. Paragraph 2 - The Acting React to the performers playing the characters in the play. Be sure to use their names.  Believability: Are the actors true to the play, the production, and the theatrical conditions?  Voice: Volume, tempo, vocal quality, interpretation, articulation?  Body: Are the gestures and movements suitable to the characters?  Relationships: Is there teamwork? Proper relationships by characters?  Projection: How do the actors project orally and visually to the audience? Paragraph 3 - The Directing Directing:  Do you like the concept of the play?  What do you think of the director's choice of tempo for the play?  How does the director unify the play? Paragraph 4 - The Design  Set: Does it establish the correct mood and background for the play?  Costumes & Make Up: Is it true to the period of the show? To the characters?  Sound: How does the sound effects and music contribute to the show's mood? Paragraph 5 - The Reaction  Is the audience attentive and interested?  What is your opinion of the play as a whole?  What is your recommendation to the reader? DO: 1. Back up all your opinions with valid reasons. 2. Be objective and fair. 3. Evaluate the entire production. 4. Be constructive. Indicate good points along with those you felt needed improvement.


Romeo and Juliet
The play referred to as Romeo and Juliet is one of the best that Shakespeare ever did, nest to the Hamlet. It is composed of ten Acts, with each of the Acts being composed of a number of scenes. It is more of a tragedy as it involves two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet who die in the end. Their death is the last piece that brings their families together. There is a rather interesting switch between comedy and tragedy in the pay as the author tries to draw closer the audience by enhancing the level of tension between the different scenes (Billington, Michael). Performed at the Shakespeare's Globe, the play is quite intriguing and brings to life some of the themes that Shakespeare intended in the original play and the script.
There are quite a number of areas that stand out when watching the play at the Globe, this is relative to the Acting. One is the believability of the actors on the stage relative to the play's theme. The actors are true to the pay as they are able to bring out their parts in a composed manner. There is the element of believability in the story with reference to the abilities of the actors to illuminate the themes. The production and the theatrical conditions are also a pivotal point in the believability. The voice of the actors is also tuned to reflect the accents of the time and the aud

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