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Review of “Love and Basketball” Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Course Name: Women and Movies
Request: Get a copy of gina Prince-Bythewood's "Love and Basketball" from the library or
find it streaming. Anaylyze the penultimate scene ( just before the final scene
in the sports arena) - where Monicas challenges Quincy to a one-on-one, playing
him"for his heart." Describe the scene in detail , particularly the characters'
behavior, the choreography of the game. Talk about Monica's desire to play
basketball and also to marry Quincy. Talk about how everything in her
development as a character leads her to suceed in this scene. Why is she an
unusual female character. Why is the earlier scene with her mother important to
her being able to succeed here. You don't have to answer all these suggestions,
they are just possible angles to write about. 500 words.


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The Review Of “Love and Basketball”
Gina Prince-Bythewood’s film titled "Love and Basketball" focuses on the lives of two basketball players. In the penultimate scene where Monica challenges Quincy to a one-on-one, playing him “for his heart." During the game, Monica manages to do better at the start even though Quincy begins to score more direct shots. During the duel, bot struggle to score more shots, but Monica seems more disappointed and discouraged. In the end, Quincy wins, and Monica starts to walk away. However, Quincy. Calls her back and they kiss. Both characters are good at dribbling the ball, but Quincy manages to outsmart her and wins the game at the end.
During the scene, Monica is vicious in her offense and defense. On the other hand, Quincy seems to float across the basketball court. As Monica dribbles across the court, it is noticeable that she has an urgent desire to prove herself and that she is better than Quincy, despite her gender

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