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The Last of The Mohicans (Movie Review Sample)

After viewing this film in class, respond to the following questions in a well-written essay of approximately 300 words. Your responses should be incorporated into one essay that is cohesive and makes good use of transition words. How is European national identity symbolized in the colonies? What are the complex ways in which savagery/civilization is depicted? Who in this film could we classify as an American? Why? What are his/her qualities and/or characteristics? Your paper should be a thoughtful response in which you use specific examples to support your assertions. The paper is due according to the date shown on the syllabus. No late papers will be accepted. also see attachment for Reference source..
The Last of the Mohicans
The European national identity is symbolized in the movie The Last of The Mohicans, are symbolized by the daughters of Munro and his two daughters Alice and Cora, another European national identity in the movie is the French army Therefore, in the movie the European national identity is symbolized in varied ways (Cooper, 1992). One way in which the European national identity is symbolized is through the use of the colonization process. This is where the Europeans were British and the French were struggling for the power and control of the North America.
A clear case in the movie is when the British and French troops were battling for the colonization of the northern America and this is when they were al soliciting from the support of the natives of America, and this played a major role in determining th...
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