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The History of English Language (Movie Review Sample)


Write-up 1: Based on the documentary The History of English Language Part 01 – The Birth of a Language; available on YouTube (will be assigned on or around Oct 19th)


The History of English Language
Language is a vital element of identity that people need to understand better for their growth. As the world change demographically with more cultures interacting, languages change. The interactions among languages enrich individual languages. Still, every person needs to understand the onset of his/her first language. TV documentary The History of the English Language creates an insight into the development of the English language from a historical point of view that has been ignored. The documentary is presented by Melvyn Bragg and bears a companion book. This analysis explores The History of the English Language through its first episode titled “The Birth of a Language” through structural elements of the English language that have developed through its history. The Write-up simplifies the episode to create a platform to understand the development of the English language through activities that surrounded its speakers from 500 AD.
The storyline of the documentary is one of the most interesting elements of its input. The narrator, Melvyn Bragg, delves deep into the history of the English language. The series is cast as an adventure throughout the life of the English language. It is structured biographically, and it tends to explore the history of the English language as if it addresses a human being. The plot is set chronologically and begins in 500 AD. The onset portrays the English language as one of the Germanic dialects before it mutates into a global language. From the first part, Bragg explores the origins of different spellings and words that c

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