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Of Mice And Men: Comparison Of The Book With The Movie (Movie Review Sample)


Finish watching the movie version Of Mice And Men. Write and essay (about 500-600 words long) in relation to the following prompt: Compare the book with the movie. In what way does the movie complement or detract from the novel? In other words, does the movie add to the story in a positive way, or does it ruin the story in particular ways? Explain and give concrete examples to support your position.


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Of Mice and Men film review
Creators and directors, in most cases, base their films on novels. In this kind of creation, many differences arise, as well as similarities. By reading and watching the movie Of Mice and Men, it is clear that similarities and differences exist based on the scenes, characters and the roles of the actors. The production of the Of Mice and Men film in 1992 compliments the novel version of the story in several ways.
Firstly, the movie positively develops the characters making the story interesting. The novel depicts George as strong, hardworking, harsh and domineering, particularly towards Lennie. For instance, he repeatedly screams at Lennie and dreads being around him. However, the movie paints him as hardworking, kind, caring and supportive towards his friend Lennie. For instance, when they both arrive at the Tyler Ranch, he ensures Lennie gets hired by lying that he was his cousin and his indifference and mental issues were as a result of a horse hitting him on the head (Of Mice and Men). The different character depiction of George in the movie makes viewers enjoy it as it depicts loyalty, friendship, and hard work, exciting characteristics of a major character. The film also develops the role of Curley's wife. Unlike in the novel that portrays her as dangerous and flirtatious, the film grows her into a feminist voice whose flirtatious actions are due to her loneliness and abusive marriage

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