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My Thoughts Literature & Language Movie Review Paper (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the 9-part documentary Fidel! (90 minutes total) posted under Media Gallery and answer the following questions:
1.) This documentary from 1968, directed by Saul Landau, gives us an intimate portrayal of Fidel Castro. What qualities and virtues shine through in his character? Is he a sympathetic leader? Do you detect any negative aspects? Talk about what interests you and what puts you off.
2.) What did you learn about the Cuban people?
3.) How would you compare Fidel Castro to other world leaders (both historically and those that are still living)?
Please be very specific in your answers and use examples.
Initial post: 300 words total (minimum)
Create your initial post by Monday at 8 pm. You should then post two peer responses by Wednesday at 8 pm. (100 words each) Make sure to answer all three questions (it is best to number your responses).


Fidel Documentary
Question 1
Fidel Castro was a Cuban revolutionary leader who managed to rule his country for more than 47 years. From the documentary, we can see that Fidel was a committed and strong-willed individual. He wielded power like a tyrant and controlled all the aspects of the Cuban economy, politics, and social life. However, he was loved by many people and exhibited a lot of charisma in the way he communicated with others. He was an avid reader and writer who made a massive contribution through speeches and literature. Some of the negative aspects that he portrays is being skeptical about others, especially guests and strangers. However, he generally loved his people and country. He was a patriot who fought to free others from oppression and was committed to building the future country. However, he was aggressive, and many Cuban's were oppressed and denied political freedoms under his rule. He was very committed to t

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