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Half Nelson Analysis, Crack Addicted Middle School Teacher (Movie Review Sample)


Please watch movie Half-Nelson and write a half page (or longer if you'd like) analysis of this film. This includes a full Argument Analysis breakdown of Explicit Components and Implicit Components.
Explicit Components
 identify and express the issue and/or problem as a critical question; express using
correct language
 identify two to three supporting pieces of evidence from the film
 identify the conclusion the director makes
Please identify and comment on one (or more) Implicit Component that you can find.
Implicit Components
 Bias
 Assumption
 Implication
 Language


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August 3, 2018
Half-Nelson Analysis
In fiction as well as in reality, a person who behaves differently as compared to the norm is regarded as an antagonist, even when he does something good now and then. The person will be judged according to his mistakes and his “good shepherd” side will be despised and will be portrayed as inhuman. It depicts a scenario wherein only the extremes exist. The only choices are white and black while the gray area remains non-existent.
Mr. Daniel Dunne (Ryan Gosling) is a crack addicted middle school teacher who loves making himself look like a fool at night by destroying his life with pot while his radiance shines better than a diamond during the day when he is using his charisma and brilliance in politics and history when teaching, but the dullness in his eyes is ever-present as if it were innate.
Dialectics, Dan’s favorite topic in class, suggests that two opposing forces are nee

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