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The Main Points About The Documentary: Food, Inc. (Movie Review Sample)


Watch one of the following documentaries and write a 2-3 page reflection that must include the following questions.
1. What is the main point made by the documentary?
2. How does this issue affect society?
3. What could we do to improve the problem?
4. How does this affect you directly and how can you help?
List of documentaries (they can all be found on Netflix):
1. Food, Inc.
2. The True Cost
3. Sustainable


Food, Inc. documentary
The documentary predominantly examines the industrial production of food such as meat, grains and vegetables. Most people are attracted to utilize chemically generated foods, because they are affordable. Farmers are using the approach due to its faster production capabilities hence making a lot of money within a short period of time. Nations such as US have been affected by the issue such that over 30% of its land is utilized for production of these chemically produced foods. The foods, in this case, have a negative impact on those local farmers producing natural foods; they make small profits due to competition. The consumers' health is at high risk, thus high cases of cancer and obesity. This paper gives an analysis of the documentary highlighting its main points, the effects it has to the society and the way to reduce these challenges.
The main points about the documentary
The documentary was created by director Robert Kenner and narrated by Eric Schlosser (fast food nation).It explores how the food industry has been consumed by corporations and the way this affect farms where these foods come from, then to the market where we purchase and the hotels where we eat the foods. The main aspects tackled include; food and drug administration, food security, food production and factory farming. The documentary cures our curiosity about the condition of the food supply in the world. For instance, tomatoes are taken from the farm while still green; they then pass through gases to enhance faster ripening. Consumers do not know about these acts, therefore, they do not hesitate to buy it.
The documentary expounds further that most of the foods are modified to sound unique yet most of them if not all are just a clever rearrangement of corn. Most of the farmers in great nations like the United States grow corn because it entails some additives including cellulose, saccharin, xanthan gum, polydextrose, maltodextrin and fructose which are used to process other food substances. Food scientists established that almost 90% of the processed food products in the grocery contain corn or soya beans ingredients. Corn has become

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