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Discussion on Film Bringing Up Baby Writing Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


What do you make of the character of Susan Vance? What does she represent to David and more generally in the film? What do you think it means when, at the end of the film, Susan causes the brontosaurus to fall into a chaos of bones?
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Discussion on Film Bringing Up Baby
Susan Vance is a strong-willed, impulsive, and fast-talking woman who uses her personality to achieve whatever she wants. She manages to disrupt David’s plans at the golf course and his impending marriage. Susan’s eccentric free spirit influences her to act as she wishes, including taking other people's cars, trying to learn magic tricks, and bringing up a tamed leopard (Hawks). Susan is vibrant and effortlessly charming, which makes most of the misadventures that take place in the film to be interesting.
Susan causes numerous disruptions to David's work and life since she manages to interrupt his ability to secure a loan and even go through with his marriage plans. Susan's free-spirited character embroils David into numerous infu

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