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WR100 Analyzing The Trailer Of The Movie: The Last Ocean (Movie Review Sample)


This paper is analyzing how the trailer of the movie, The Last Ocean, are effectively working.
I would really appreciate you if you could correct the grammatical errors and words choices.


The Last Ocean Trailer Analysis
Running to save the last ocean species is the best adventure any human can ever experience besides the challenges that come with it. In June 2012, Fisheye Films brought a trailer ahead of its new documentary that was to be released in September 2012. A group of conservatives joins together in a race to protect the earth's last untouched ocean which is not known to most people, from invaders whose appetite for fish has gone high. This analysis will go through the trailer frame by frame for clues about this narrative of protecting the Earth's last untouched ocean. Before we get started, I would like to assume that we have all watched the trailer and we can now talk about what we found in it.
The trailer kicks off with that confusing moment in everybody being asked about something they have never heard of nor had an idea that it exists. This might be said to be the first hurdle that the producers of the documentary experienced when they were making it. We assume that the producer had asked the residents whether they know anything about the Ross Sea. They are bewildered by the question because we see them asking "Is it eastside or westside of the New York City?" This is an indication that the Ross Sea which is under attack is not known to most people. What the director thought would be easy to find, but the question is, can this be our first hint that this might be the last untouched ocean on earth because most people do not know about it?
Then we look at the globe of the world where we are introduced to where the Ross Sea is located here on Earth. The producer informs us that the Ross Sea is the most pristine ecosystem on Earth and is located in the Antarctica. We are then taken through what is found in this untouched place of the world. It is interesting to see and hear the producer and other experts give their opinion on these beautiful scenery of the Earth, which is more impersonal, but it is good to see them put effort into protecting this p

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