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Philosophy: David Wood And Michael Shermer (Movie Review Sample)


Pay attention to one or two (no more than two) specific arguments that you find yourself disagreeing with or find somewhat weak and in need of refinement. Monitor how the various parties exchange criticisms pertaining to that argument(s).
video link: https://youtu(dot)be/PMWKm40-dnM
Write up your results in a 2+ page essay that incorporate the principles you have learned in this course.
Content of Essay: Here are some specific instructions about what to include in your essay:
Summarize how the specific argument(s) were discussed in the presentation. Be sure to exercise charity in how you present the argument(s) and its noted criticisms.
Offer up a personal commentary on why you think the argument(s) was either not convincing or was not as strong as it could be. Be sure to integrate the relevant principles addressed in this course in your commentary.
Example: “I disagree with Mr. Smith’s argument where he says, ‘The law says that insane people should not be punished; and it is obvious that anyone who murders must be insane. So, murderers should be treated in mental wards, not punished.’ It looks like Mr. Smith is equivocating on the word ‘insane’ where it means something like ‘legally insane’ in the first premise; but then it means something more like ‘abnormally cruel’ in the second premise.
Mechanics: Here are the instructions for how to manifest your essay:
Feel free to utilize any of the essay-writing formats, such as MLA or APA. I recognize that the different disciplines students major in tend to emphasize one type over another.
The format of the document is to be in .doc or .docx (i.e. Microsoft Word). If you are unable to create this file type, be sure to inquire about what would be an acceptable alternative.
There must be a title page that consists of a title and your name (any other information is optional). Accordingly, there is to be no headers or titles or any other redundant marks of identification in the body of the essay (all of this should already be on the title page).
The essay is to be double-spaced and typed in a 12-point font. You may use any reasonable font such as Ariel, Helvetica, Times New Roman, or Calibri. (Be sure to ask if you wish to use another font that is more unconventional).
Since this is not a research paper, it is not important to include a bibliography unless you cite material outside of the video content. If you do cite external material, be sure to include it either as an end note or as a bibliography.
Submission: Essays are to be submitted in this link as an attachment. The due date is the last official day of the semester (see Syllabus). Do not submit as a copy-and-paste version.
If you would like some more expansive feedback to help you think through your work than what has been provided in your graded result then feel free to note this in the comments section of the submission.
“Cash Value”: If the essay is completed satisfactorily, then this assignment has the potential to boost your grade by up to 4%. It is encouraged that everyone participate even if you are performing above average in your mandatory assignments.


Student Name
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Does God Exist
In October 2016, David Wood and Michael Shermer shared their opinions about the existence of God. Ratio Christi sponsored the debate in which Shermer and Wood had shed light on cosmology and talked about the Scientific Revolution. I enjoyed their presentations and their moral arguments. David Wood and Michael Shermer’s classical arguments, as well as his discussion about quantum waves, made me concerned. Though Michael had admitted that he was not a physicist but a socialist, it was good for Michael to not talk about something out of context. The way he said that God does not exist made me question how could quantum waves originate or come from nothing. Experts like Michael Shermer and David Wood may doubt on the existence of God, but scientists with serious minds do not pay any attention to such arguments.
The concept of “something out of nothing” is illogical. We would have to understand that there is a reason for the existence of everything: whether an animal or human baby comes to this world or a tree is planted somewhere. Albert Einstein is one of the most influential scientists in the history. He did not only contribute to the field of science but also talked about the existence of God. According to Einstein, God does exist as He is the one who controls our actions and is responsible for life and death. He never called himself an atheist, but an agnostic. He believed in the death but did not have any trust in the life after death.
In 2009, President Barack Obama announced that Francis Collins would head or supervise the National Institutes of Health. At that time, some scientists argued whether s person who had a firm faith in God was eligible for this position or not. This scientific argument caught media and public attention in no time. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 60 percent of American and Canadian scientists

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