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The War In Mexico Was Between The United States And Mexico (Movie Review Sample)


Please write five paragraphs of reflective writing. You may use the following:
1. Lecture notes
2. The American People textbook, chapters 1 to 4
3. The Annual Editions book, any article in Unit 1
4. Handouts
5. The Invasion of Mexico documentary and the Salem Witchcraft Documentary
Click here to watch a documentary about the invasion of Mexico. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Click here to watch a documentary about the Salem Witch Trials


The war in Mexico was between the United States and Mexico that started in 1846 up to 1848. The movie invasion of Mexico directed by Jim Lindsay highlights the nature and outcome of the sixteen-month conflicts that transform the continent. The movies begin with border dispute that soon resulted in a 16 month war; the documentary series explores the events that resulted in the dispute between the US and Mexico (JLFilms, 5).
The movie highlights issues of land, power, and identity. Mexico lost half of its territory, but the outcome of the war transformed not only the two countries, but it also shifted the balance of world powers shaping the destinies of these nations (JLFilms, 7). The movie four segments presents issues, including neighbors and strangers, wars for the borderlands, the hours of sacrifice and the fate of the two nations. The director analyzed the conflict from both sides presenting historical sc

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