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Movie Review Assignment: Stiliagi, Valery Todorovskii (2008) (Movie Review Sample)


We have watched "Stiliagi, Valery Todorovskii (2008)" and "The Circus, Grigorii Alexandrov (1936)"
Please include the similarities and Differences of these two movies in the review.


Movie review "Stiliagi," Valery Todorovskii (2008)
One of the most successful movies of soviet cinema was Stiliagi by Valery Todorovskii released in 2008. Stilyagi is a story about the transformation of the main character Mel from loyal members of the komsomol to Stilyagi. Stilyagi share similar theme portrayed in the movie "The Circus" by Grigorii Alexandrov released in 1936. Both movies used artistic expression of music and clothing to present the opposing views of various entities.
The movie “circus” directed by Grigori Aleksandrov tells a story of an American woman banished from her own country because of racial practices. The film highlights the journey of a Marion Dixon from the US to the Soviet Union. The director uses black and white clothing to present good and evil. Clothing is seen as a symbol of identity because Aleksandrov portrays the idea of soviet identity. Clothing is majorly exemplified in the film as soviet dressed in white march and sing in harmony.
Similarly, Stilyagi is a musical film like the circus, shows the transformation process of young people who try to dress up in the western fashion listening and dancing to the western music of jazz. In the movie Stilyagi, the characters are dressed in bright colors, puffy dresses and checked tuxedos. The use of bright colors is unusual; it is something that had not been witnessed before in ol...
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