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A Review of 12 Year a Slave Movie. History Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


here is the link of the movie
please read ther prompt before watching the movie


HIST 3401: AMERICAN PLURALISM TO 1877 FILM REVIEW ASSIGNMENT II: 1840-1900 You are to review a popular movie about life in the second half of the nineteenth century. The film can have been produced any time, but its main setting has to be America sometime between the antebellum years to the end of the nineteenth century. Any genre is fine: Westerns, movies about immigrants, dramas about wealthy Bostonians or southerners, any topic. Keep in mind, though, that the goal is to find a film that might be of value for students in this class. 1. Identify and acquire the movie. One excellent resource for identifying films and finding out about the stars, director and other basic facts is the IMDB database (www(dot)imdb(dot)com). Or visit www(dot)rottentomatoes(dot)com for reviews of thousands of films. For the purposes of this assignment, you might just Google the topic you’re interested in. 2. Watch the movie actively a. Before you watch: • Don’t watch until you’ve read all of the instructions. • Read some online reviews or other sources. For historians and history students, you can find readable but scholarly reviews written by historians, published in history journals. Search for your movie on the online database “America: History & Life” or J-Stor (in either case, come to the search engine from the Brooklyn Library web site so that you have access to the journal articles) • Read up on the time and topic that your film deals with. If you’re reviewing Gone With The Wind it will help if you read a bit about the Antebellum South. • If your film was made more than a few years ago, be aware that an important part of watching for this class is to look for those features of the movie that reveal something about the time the film was made. Take westerns for example: High Noon (1952) can be read as an allegory about anticommunism in the McCarthy years, Blazing Saddles (1974) ridicules racism, but has much to show about American pop culture at the end of the long 1960s. b. Watching: It’s often helpful to watch a movie more than once. First time, immerse yourself in the story, the images, the music—the whole cinematic experience. Second time, watch with a notebook in hand—and the remote (for skipping those boring love scenes and long panning shots of the Wyoming scenery) 3. Review my questions and write your review. Use your own words. Please be careful about cutting and pasting “interesting information” from the web. Even if you plagiarize accidentally, the consequences can be serious! Provide the following information: Title; Year Released; Director Describe the movie’s setting: what years does the story cover, where does the action take place? Review the movie from the perspective of a student in American Pluralism. Your review should directly answer the following questions: Should students in this class watch this film? In your opinion, what aspects of history does the film get right (possible considerations include issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class or any of the big themes of this course)? What does it miss or misrepresent? What does the film tell you about the time in which it was produced? 20 points = Exemplary: meets all of the assignment's requirements. Few or no grammatical or mechanical errors. Well written and well organized. 18-19 points = Excellent: meets all of the assignment's requirements. Well written and well organized. May have some grammar/mechanics issues. Is accurate, and uses evidence to defend its arguments. 16-17 points = Good: meets most or all of the assignment's requirements. The writing may be lack-luster. May lack organization, or have grammar/mechanical issues; may contain inaccurate information or not adequately support its arguments with facts. 14-15 points = Poor to Fair: may not meet the assignment's requirements. May show lack of effort. May lack organization, or have serious grammar/mechanical issues; may contain inaccurate information or not adequately support its arguments with facts. 12-13 points = Poor response: seriously deficient in one or more of the criteria evaluated (requirements; effort; organization; grammar/mechanical; use of accurate information and supporting evidence.)


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A Review of 12 Year a Slave Movie
The title of the movie is “12 Year a Slave.” Steven Rodney McQueen is a British who was the film director and screenwriter of the above film. The film is a historical drama of the civil war that depicted the issue of slavery during the pre-Civil War America era (McQueen). The movie is a narration of the experience of Solomon Northrop in 1853. Slavery was a common issue to the Southern region of America, while the Northern part was against slavery, as they knew the injustice it had to the slaves. The southerners needed slaves to work in the plantation firms, large-scale coffee farming, and in the sugar plantations.
The movie shows the violation of human rights due to drugging, kidnap, and sell of Solom

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