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Movie Reflection On Schindlers List (Thomas Keneally) (Movie Review Sample)


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Schindler’s List
Schindler’s List is an American movie that is based on Schindler’s Ark, a novel written by Thomas Keneally. The movie, which premiered on the 30th of November 1993, depicts epic historical events that occurred during the holocaust by the Germans in Krakow Poland. Steven Zaillian was the scriptwriter while Steven Spielberg was a co-producer of the movie. Schindler's List received seven Academy awards out of the 12 nominated categories and it is listed as one of the greatest movies ever made. Schindler’s List was also ranked 8th by the American Film Institute on its list of the 100 best American films of all time while in 2004 it was also chosen for conservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of congress.
The movie gives the audience the true picture of the horrors and the brutal human rights violations that occurred in Krakow, Poland. It also gives the audience the dark and evil sides of the German soldiers and Nazi Party members towards the locals of Krakow, especially the Jews. It is a true testament and eye-opener that the holocaust was really a bad time in the history of the Jews and the locals of Krakow. During the World War 2, the Nazis killed 11 million civilians whom they deemed useless to them, those who could not work on farms and industries, while 6 million Jews were killed simply because they were Jews. The movie captures the killings, suffering and the violations that are subjected to the people of Krakow and these scenes gives the audience a clear picture of what transpired during the World War 2 and the holocaust.
The horrors that the people were subjected to were in different forms. Evidently, from the movie, Jews are taken to work in Schindlers' industry for cheap labor and poor working conditions. The same applies to other civilians who are overworked and mistreated by the Nazi. I think the director wanted the audience to get the real picture that those were practices of slavery that were being subjected to the Jews and the civilians. In Schindlers' industry, the Jews worked but their pay was collected directly by the Nazi officials hence the Jews worked absolutely for free. While the locals tried their best in terms of productivity, little mistakes would cost them their lives especially through the hands of Amon Goeth. Death was always in the vicinity and not attending to tasks and duties diligently led to death. But on the other hand, being extremely serious and curious with work would result in death as was the case of the engineer who discovered a mistake in the barracks' construction. It was tough watching how the locals are mistreated and how they struggled to impress their bosses knowing they were not going to get paid.
Jews prisoners were divided into two groups; those who could work and those who were deemed no...
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