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Mikhalkov , Burned by the Sun and Stalinism Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Movie link: https://sovietmoviesonline(dot)com/drama/89-utomlennye-solncem.html
Please watch the movie "Burnt by the Sun" and answer the following question:
How does Mikhalkov look at the times of Stalinism in this picture? With nostalgia? Critically? Does he condemn Stalin? If so how?


Burnt by the Sun
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Burnt by the Sun
Burnt by the sun is a movie that was released on April 21, 1995. I was directed by Nikita Mikhalkov, who also doubled as the main actor. It is an award-winning movie about the tough times of the Stalinism era. In this movie, it is evident that Mikhalvok looks at Stalinism critically prioritizing moral and human values.
Even though Mikhalkov uses humor in the movie, he looks at Stalinism critically. Stalinism is a period that came before the Second World War and it was preceded by communism. Even though it is not clear whether Mikhalkov was a supporter of communism, he looks at Stalinism critically and makes the audience to feel a mixed reaction of emotions. In the movie, the main protagonists who are heroes and fighters of peace and better living are killed trying to protect the community. The movie gives the impression of a shift from idealism to a period of struggle.
In the movie, Mikhalkov has portrayed his protagonist, Kotov, as a family man who loves his family so much. He loves his daughter and is enjoying his vacation. While there is a sense of happiness, trouble is looming and there is fear of the rise of a terrorist state. In one scene, Kotov critically and strongly th...
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