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The Circus: Cinematic Work During The Stalin Years (Movie Review Sample)


Like other Stalinist films, "The Circus" presents an idealized picture of the Soviet Union. What are some of the elements of Soviet reality that Aleksandrov's film foregrounds?
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"The Circus" movie review
During the 1930 and in the early 1940s music comedy films became the most popular cinematic work during the Stalin years. Russian films lifted the spirits and gave people a respite from the grim realities of the difficult years of social construction (Spring and Taylor 59). Grigoriy Aleksandrov produced a Soviet musical comedy "the circus” about an American circus artist who had a black baby. She suffered racism in America and later discovered that the only way and place to find happiness is among the Soviet people (Spring and Taylor 66). The message packaged in the circus is likable and familiar as it more of a political and mythic pattern that consistently characterized the soviet values and composition of the 1930s (Spring and Taylor 55).
The film presented the reality faced by many women, presenting themes of sexuality as some of the social evils of the capitalist culture. Stalinist musicals like the circus contrapose the idea, the optimism and the symbolic meaning of the Stalinist era that was fragmented (Spring and Taylor 63). The inclusion of a black boy and other black characters did not come as a surprise. The theme of racism is was common during the Stalinist era in both literature and film (Spring and Taylor 61). Featuring a white woman having a black baby stood out in the film because these were rare scenes in American movies in Hollywood by then (Spring and Taylor 61).
The circus criticized the exploitation, including social injustice within th...
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