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Movie Review; A Day with Thomas Edison (Movie Review Sample)


Write a 700 to 800-word response that critically reflects on this week’s film and at least one reading from the week. Relate them to each other and specifically discuss the historical significance of the film. If there was no assignment last week, you may write about either this week’s or last week’s film and readings. Your response should demonstrate your understanding of the reading and the film. Do not simply summarize the film. Rather, discuss how that film has contributed to the aesthetic and/or technical innovations in film history. Also, consider how each film reflects and influences its socio-political context. You must use proper citations for all sources in your response. Below are some questions to serve as prompts for reflection. You do not have to address all of these questions in your response.

What are the central arguments made by the films and/or the texts and how do they relate to each other?

What social, cultural, political, or historical issues are brought into focus in the films and how?

What themes emerge from the films or texts and how do they relate to the historical context?

Describe the aesthetics of the film and discuss how they contribute to the development of film language.

What role does this film play in the history of film in terms of its aesthetic, technological, and or socio-political contributions?


Movie Review; A Day with Thomas Edison
A day with Thomas Edison reflects on the 20th-century scientific developments in the film industry. The film tells a 74-year-old scientific inventor and an industrialist, Thomas A. Edison, in his laboratory in New Jersey. He is consulting with his staff and continuously testing new products that we can see running through the screen. It displays new inventions in the film production that ushers in a new face in film production hence improved entertainment experience. Edison developed devices that can record and reproduce audio and video like films ("A Day With Thomas A. Edison"). The film generally talks about the significant development and revolution in the film industry. The reading aesthetic to astonishment early film and the (in) credulous spectator also talks about the film industry's products. It outlines the transition from the traditional filming style in the late 1880s and early 1900s and the modern style (Gunning, 114). The two pieces are related because they talk about the entertainment industry's developments, particularly the film industry.
The film A Day With Thomas Edison promotes several social, cultural, and historical issues in the film sector. Historically, Thomas Edison and Eadweard Muybridge combined the phonograph's invention efforts and the Zoopraxiscope to develop a short film that was synchronized with a recording in 1888. It was a significant step in the film industry's history because the same technique has been improved to modern filing technology ("A Day With Thomas A. Edison"). Edison began improving the Kinetoscope in 1889 to be used for public purposes in the industries. Similarly, in the reading, Tom Gunning and André Gaudreault contributed to the history of cinema's attraction model. They made a development that put a display view and not the traditional vehicle for storytelling (Gunning, 116). It is a model of spectatorship that establishes both the gaze of a spectator and the look of the subject on the screen that is recurring. These developments, among others, have added to the general historical development of the cinema and film industry in the world.
A social aspect is also evident in the two pieces. In the film A Day with Thomas Edison, we see Edison consulting with his staff and

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