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A Film Analysis on Citizen Kane: What is the Film's Story? (Movie Review Sample)


I need a Film Analysis on the movie Citizen Kane
While watching your film, please make sure to focus on the particular storytelling methods used by the filmmakers to convey both the film’s theme and the film’s portrayal of the mass media world. 
You may use the following questions to frame the structure of your paper, but your paper should be in an essay format, MLA Style. Make sure you answer each question completely (i.e. answer each part of the question), and make sure to cite any sources you used to answer these questions. I expect at least two pages, but keep it less than three max:
• What is the film’s story? What is the film all about? Was the story easy to follow?
• What is the film’s theme? Remember that theme is the unifying idea that permeates the film via dialogue, plot, visuals, et al.
• How did the director visualize the theme to the audience? How did you know what the theme was? What did the director do from a filmmaking standpoint?
• What did you think of the film’s portrayal of the particular “mass media” involved? What were your expectations of that portrayal going into the film? 
• What did you learn about the “mass media” portrayed in the film that you didn’t already know? 
• What do you think of that “mass media” now after watching your assigned film?
Student essay is minimum of two pages double-spaced. 
The essay is formatted correctly with paragraph l indentations, sufficient detail and examples provided and proper use of punctuation and grammar: Student’s essay meets or exceeds the minimum of two pages double-spaced. Entire essay is formatted correctly, Exemplary detail and many examples provided. Always uses proper grammar and punctuation. 
Each of the 6 questions is answered thoroughly using a minimum of three sentences. Essay includes identification of each of the 5 Ws and H. Essay includes examples, quotes and paraphrases with correct attribution of sources: Student’s essay addressed each of the 6 questions thoroughly using a minimum of three sentences for each question. Essay includes identification of each of the each of the 5 Ws and H. 
Essay includes exemplary examples, quotes and paraphrases. Always uses correct attribution. 
The student essay demonstrates detailed analysis, with examples from their assigned film, through the application of the five media literacy concepts and/or questions: Student’s essay demonstrates exemplary detailed analysis, with many examples of their assigned film, through the application of each of the five media literacy concepts and/or questions. 

Film Analysis on Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane is a movie that received many positive reviews after its release in 1941. It tells the story of Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper tycoon who died, but left the living with a puzzle. Seconds before his death, Kane said the word "Rosebud”, and essentially the mystery surrounding this word formed this film’s story. The whole film is about retracing and recounting the life of Charles Foster Kane. Newsreel’s producer, Henry Luce, wanted to know the deeper truth about the life of Kane, and not just who he was to the public. He then mandates Thompson, a reporter, to investigate the story behind the newspaper mogul. The story is easy to follow, and the non-linear flashbacks used also help the viewer understand Kane’s life better (Ebert).
The main theme of this film is isolation. Kane found himself isolated from the world since his childhood. In one of the film’s flashbacks, Kane is shown as a young and happy child, but even at this point, he was playing alone. In another instance, Kane is separated from his mother, and consequently never recovers from this. This isolation stole his happiness, and he remains that way till his last breath. The film also shows another scene where Kane is being celebrated, but instead of joining the party, he is seated alone in his newspaper office. No one is successful in breaking the isolative wall that Kane erected, and everyone including Susan leaves him. Finally he dies alone and...
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