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Once Upon a Time in China III Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The attachment file is a list of topics for your final paper. Please concentrate on producing good close readings and analysis of primary sources. You are encouraged, but not obliged to, draw upon the critical articles assigned. The essay should have a coherent structure and original argument supported by specific textual analysis of the film(s). Avoid unnecessary plot summary and generalization, and the more tightly defined the topic, the better. The paper is 5 pages long, double-spaced, font 12.


Professor’s name:
Once Upon a Time in China III
China’s social, political, and economic orientations account for the country’s unique attributes that evoke or rather attract both appreciation and criticism in almost equal measure. The country’s communist political ideology, for instance, upon which the nation prides its trademark achievements in both the socio-cultural and economic sectors, appears to a majority of the Western countries as regressive and oppressive to human freedoms and liberties. Other assessment of the country’s achievement across the outlined social dimensions, on the other hand, deems the Chinese way of life as highly effective in achieving the country’s set objectives. In essence, critics of the Chinese way of life often take the form of pro-Westernization while the proponents of China’s cultural orientation painted as the Chinese conservatives. The film industry provides an excellent platform upon which the battles for supremacy between the two opposing views manifest. A majority of Chinese films, for instance, tend to emphasize on or rather promote the Chinese national culture, nationalism, as well as impressing on the country’s national consciousness. Film producers and directors of such films create narratives around the theme of Chineseness and develop the storylines through a wide range of representations towards showcasing its supremacy against the equally diverse factors perceived to be threatening both its existence and authenticity. Tsui Hark’s film Once Upon a Time in China III is an excellent depiction of the manifestation of Chineseness or the different elements of the Chinese identity that characterize such narrative China’s film industry. Provided herein is a review of the film, which provides an informed understanding of the manifestation of the theme of Chineseness through a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of how it is presented to the audience.

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