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Essay Questions: Window Water Baby Moving and Fuses (Movie Review Sample)


Write two short essay response of 2-4 paragraphs (4-5 sentences per paragraph) for each question.


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There is a long tradition of representing nude bodies within the history of painting and sculpture. Depictions of the nude body have played a major role in various film we’ve discussed. Compare and contrast two films in terms of what they show, how they show it, and the purpose of this depiction. Use multiple scenes, sequences, and/or shots from each film to support your claims. In what ways do these films continue or depart from previous traditions of depicting the nude body?
Window Water Baby Moving is a short film by Stan Brakhage that appears to fall into the “meaningful” camp when it comes to discussing sex. Reproduction is one of the most prominent themes of this movie. Window Water Baby Moving has been divided into three different settings and scenes, and the bulk of it is set in a room where Jane gives birth. It is actually a bathroom, and there is another footage of Jane taking a bath while Stan stands by her side.
Fuses, on the other hand, is a 1969 movie by Carolee Schneemann. It features James Tenney and Carolee Schneemann and can be regarded as an experimental short film. Throughout the movie, we can see a coupl

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