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Film Review Critique: The Flowers of War Review (Movie Review Sample)


Kind of essay : Film Review Critique 
+ Here is the full requirement of the tutor for this essay :
Film Review Critique
Due: Week 5
From the prescribed sets of reviews, choose a set for one. Watch the film carefully, and write a 1500-word analysis of the film in the form of a critical assessment of the set of reviews chosen (e.g. Are the film's themes adequately discussed? Is the film placed in context? Are its genre, conventions and techniques appropriately discussed?).
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
Develop understanding of a wide range of films from Asian countries, and of how specific themes and preoccupations become varied and diversified
Develop general understanding of Asian societies in relation to the function of cinema as critique and a mode of advocacy
Demonstrate initiative and competence in research, including locating and interpreting relevant materials and writing in an efficient and disciplined manner within a recognised referencing system.
+ Topic ( As name's movie is The Flowers of War )
+ Notice : You "must" watch this movie and give your opinion, comment and analysis about the movie.
+ This is the information of the movie:
+ This is the Questions you may answer as the additional content for the movie : How would you describe the form (and/or genre) of The Flowers of War?
What are its key techniques of film style and narration?
Does it try too hard to emulate the Hollywood blockbuster film?
What are the film's key metonymies?
What strategies does the film use to encourage its audience to align with several main characters in turn?
+ Readings : this the Required reading that you muse use in the essay : "Li, David Leiwei. “Capturing China in Globalization: The Dialectic of Autonomy and Dependency in Zhang Yimou's Cinema.” Texas Studies in Literature and Language 49.3 (2007): 294-317." ( ID : 44044038 AND PASSWORD IS ROY12345 TO ACCESS READING )
You will need to find" more 3 readings" which must related to the movie content from my online Macquarie university library and academic sources from internet ( go to this link : ( Here is the id : 44044038, password : Roy12345 )
+ I will put the samples of essay which is the korean movie with name is " Sunny " in the file and also 
the guideline.
+ I also put more 3 samples about the movie review that some people have done before that is : Blossoming, Lunchbox and Wonderful Town.
Please be becareful with my essay because this is the first time i use the service if you are done good my essay and i will spend my 4 years university time for you.


The Flowers of War Review
(Student's name)
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Communications and Media
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(Due date)
The Flowers of War (2011)
The Flowers of War Review: A war film that gives China a new impression
Film Review Critique
Genre: War
In this movie, Zhang Yimou is attempting to stay away from foreign language ghetto and create a movie that people from all over the world will willingly watch. The movie reminds of the Schindler's List because of how the Japanese is trying to conquer Nanking in 1937. They killed, stole from the people, and raped women without any remorse (Tookey, 2012).
The movie easily captures the attention of audiences because Christian Bale plays the lead character, but fails to deliver what is expected (McCarthy, 2011). Miller is played Christian Bale, who is hired to prepare a Catholic priest that died for his coffin. However, upon reaching the church, he is met by a frightened teenage boy who is trying to keep 12 Chinese orphan girls safe. I think that the reviews given put a lot of attention and depth to how the 12 orphan girls were protected from the Japanese that want to take advantage of them. There is also more focus on the sexual factor of the film, especially when Miller got attracted to one of the prostitutes.
The genre of the movie is war during 1937 where the Japanese has made the invasion of Nanking part of their conquest. The scene inside the church is a way for the director to demonstrate the tension between the individuals. They stop fighting when the Japanese arrive and enter the church without realizing the presence of courtesans. It is a sick scene which is emphasized by the screams while their clothes are being torn. My opinion is that the reviews should give recognition to the intention of the movie as well, which is to remind people of how the Japanese were during that time and what they did to others. The struggles and emotions of the orphan is what gives the movie more vulnerability and appeal.
The key techniques used in forming the style and narration of the film is by first showing the conflict at the beginning of the film. The type of conflict used in the movie is man vs. society because he is able to help the people from the brutalities of the Japanese soldiers. This is also where the narration springs from because the first part of the movie already shows the purpose of Miller in the film and how it can change the course of history for these children.
After watching the movie, there is a gained appreciation for those who fought for peace and if it were not for them, the times would be a lot different. Furtherm

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