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The Jewish Americans History Movie Review Essay Paper (Movie Review Sample)


In the second week, the class will watch The Jewish Americans, a PBS special on American Jewish history. In Week 4, students will submit a 3 – 4 page (12-point font, double-spaced, normal margins) analysis of the film in which they provide a critical assessment of The Jewish Americans, paying particular attention to the divergences between American Jewish memory and American Jewish history, and why these differences matter. Students should use the course readings from Walkowitz and Diner to help shape their analysis in the Film Review. Further instruction will be given in class for what is expected for this assignment. If a student is unable to attend class the day of film screening, the student is responsible for watching The Jewish Americans and her or his own time.


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The United States has for many centuries been viewed as a land of immense opportunities. The region has an abundance of resources and services that are characterized by employment opportunities and quality educational and health care facilities. Similarly, the country’s liberal laws and provisions in the constitution that accords citizens with different rights and freedoms also make it very attractive to outsiders. As such, America is a popular destination for many people especially from developing and under-developed regions who migrate into the country in search of the American dream. There are also individuals who relocate to America from far and wide regions to escape persecutions and live freely regardless of their race or religion. One notable group of people that migrated into America and managed to establish themselves albeit with some challenges is the Jews. Majority of the Jews escaped from Europe where they were treated inhumanely and even forced to convert. Despite discrimination and victimization from white Native Americans, Jews were better off living in America and a significant number succeeded to become responsible members of society. The Jewish Americans is a phenomenal documentary that details the American Jewish history. The essay seeks to review the documentary Jewish Americans and highlight on the divergences between American Jewish memory and American Jewish History.

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