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Film Review: The Human Condition. Film Review Assignment. (Movie Review Sample)


Film Review Assignment
Review either Yojimbo or The Human Condition. 
First, describe the setting of the film (time, place), place this in historical context, and summarize the plot. This section should take no more than ⅓ of the paper (about 2 pages) and the plot summary should take no more than 1-2 good paragraphs.
Next, review the film as a film. Is it successful as a film? For example, detail the writing, acting, direction, or cinematography. You need not address all of these elements, only the ones that strike you as most significant. This section should take no more than 2-4 good paragraphs.
Finally, review the film as a historical document. How does the film as a source relate to its content? What is its historical argument (if it has an historical argument)? Is it successful as a portrayal of history?For example, you may address the relationship of the film’s writer or director to the content, it historicity, its bias. Is it based on a true story? A work of historical fiction specifically interested in making an historical point? A drama that happens to be set in a period in history? You need not address all of these elements, only the ones that strike you as most significant. This section should be the bulk of the paper.
Footnotes and Bibliography in Chicago Style.For more detailed information on requirements and grading, see the rubric.


Film Review: The Human Condition
Student’s Name
The film, The Human Condition, is a Japanese movie that was released between 1959 and 1961, and it took about 10 hours of work. The film is an exploration of Kaji, a Japanese who navigates the pacific in search of learning during the Second World War. Moreover, Kaji undertakes the adventure under a very depressive situation following the end of the war, and he is focused on his survival. The film begins with a night shot that presents, at a time when it is snowing, and there is the presence of a large tunnel on which a military patrol is visible. In the pitch darkness, Kaji appears in the company of Michiko, and this gives the film a stunning start as well as the sets are thematic expression. While the snow falls on the ground, the predicament of Kaji is captured since he is unknown land, and the presence of the blockade is a sign of the army as the enforcing code. The film portrays the hostels where Michiko and Kaji lived as an essential part of their lives but also a place where both wanted to leave and get married; the only way they will begin their own family. However, Kaji is undecided, and he feels that a move towards marriage can be the state of ridicule from his peers, and this becomes highly contradictory to him.[Prince, Stephen. A Dream of Resistance: The Cinema of Kobayashi Masaki. Rutgers University Press, 2017.]

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