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Media Response #2: The Pursuit Of Happiness, Chris Gardner (Movie Review Sample)


Movies are a quintessentially American medium, with film having a central importance in both domestic and global markets. The central figuration of Hollywood even centralizes various conceptualizations of localized productions (think about the play-on-words that is Bollywood). Beyond this, we can see that the American film industry is not solely focused on the US (for a short insight in the US film industry and China's markets/politics: (Links to an external site.)).
Similar to your TV assignment, I want you to pick an American movie. It can be new or old and any genre. I want you to use the movie to address whether that is representative of American culture or not.
You can argue for or against but I want you to take the readings especially from weeks 1 and 4 alongside your personal experience and understanding of American culture. This paper should be approximately 2 to 3 pages. Remember, I want you to use your experience and thoughts from your life with American culture alongside the readings to integrate these points together.


Media Response #2
In The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner perseveres and seeks opportunities to improve his economic wellbeing despite facing numerous obstacles as a homeless black father and failing salesman. Films are classified into categories to highlight the suitability of the film content for different audiences, most especially children (Waguespack & Sorenson, 2011). One of the major themes in the film is the pursuit of the American dream while equality, freedom and individualism influence American culture. Anyone can achieve success and pursue what they desire despite their circumstances and pursuing happiness and liberty are unalienable rights for all Americans. Gardner was a struggling salesperson and stock trader, but he eventually became a successful financial investor. The film represents American culture focusing on the pursuit of the American dream and opportunities as well as individualism, and equality.
Gardner is successful in his pursuit and Americans are proud of their personal accomplishments, which reflect their hard work and perseverance. When Gardner bought expensive medical devices to sell he believed this would bring in good returns, but this sets him back and he loses his house and wife. Nonetheless, Gardner does not pity himself and go begging, as he believes in self-help despite failing to get returns on his investment. Furthermore, Americans emphasize competition, innovation and free enterprise as ways to bring success. Gardner is a firm believer in this and when he learns to be a stock broker he is not content with merely getting average returns, but also becoming a

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