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Movie Review: Indigenous Communities Research Paper (Movie Review Sample)


From the two films we explore four different Indigenous communities and the issues they face in terms of competing religious ideologies (Fire and Ice) and commercial developments (Pilgrims and Tourists). In this essay there are two parts. First, provide a brief overview of the four Indigenous communities (Gamo of Ethiopia, the Q’eros of Peru, the Altai of Russia, and the Winnemem Wintu of the United States) and the relationship to their lands both in terms of religion and natural resources. Second, discuss the challenges that they face in relation to their ability to maintain their religious beliefs and knowledge against religious persecution and economic development projects.


Movie Review: Indigenous Communities
Institutional Affiliation
Movie Review of Indigenous Communities
The Gamo People of Ethiopia
They are a major ethnic group with more than a million people. The Gamo live in the mountainous region in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. The community has high poverty levels because of their dependence on subsistence agriculture. The community is known for its strong connection with natural resources such as lakes, rivers, mountains, and valleys. With many of their religious beliefs depending on the environment. Weaving is a popular skill amongst the Gamo people. However, in recent times, their belief in traditional animist religions have been challenged by the Evangelical Protestant Church. The doctrine has been involved in persecuting the Gama people, which has caused violent confrontations. These acts have included branding their leaders as evil and destroying their sacred trees. Also, the church has influenced the Ethiopian government to remove individual rights previously enjoyed by the Gama people (The Globaloneness project). This highlights the significant threat from the church.

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