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Monkeys In Winter Analysis Should Focus On Two Main Aspects (Movie Review Sample)


“Monkeys in Winter” analysis: should focus on two main aspects:
1) the political context within which each of the three periods in the movie takes place
2) the political and societal trends that affect the characters in each period


Winter Monkeys
Winter Monkeys
The film Winter Monkeys is one of the most intriguing pieces and it revolves around the lives of three mothers from separate generations. Given the subtle characteristics of the film and the themes addressed by the director, the film was able to gain quite the popularity but most importantly awards. One of the awards that the film was able to attract was the Best Eastern European Film. They are facing bleak decisions through their lives.
The three women Dona, Lukrecie and Tana are from different origins and their destinies too vary. Their stories also happen to unfold during different times. In the case of Dona her story begins in the 1960s. She does not have much and she has going for her are her three children all of whom are fathered by different fathers. That and the fact that she is a beautiful woman. In an effort to provide for the children, she is forced to move in with an elderly man that is disabled and who turns out to be a pervert. Lukrecie on the other hand is younger lay and comes with her own demands and challenges in her life. Ideally one of the main challenge that she faces is the fact that she does not want to be employed in the village. She is pregnant when she meets a prospective suitor with promises to take her abroad. On the other hand Tana is a wife is a prospectus businessman, who longs for a child but in vain.
In the mixed element of the lives that the women lead with all their anxiety, densities and the internal conflicts, there is a rather more important aspect to be considered. The fact that, their stories are taking place at a time when Bulgaria was going through social and political developments. The lives of the women are woven into the forty years during which time the country was evolving politically.
When looking at Dona, she came at a time when the country was experiencing some shifts in the manufacturing industry. Much of the political debates at the times were investing in the country's ability to manufacture and the transportation sector. As such most of the people were employed in the technical sectors, where they worked for long hours. However the pay was not as good and they had to live on the small earning they could make from the tedious jobs. At the same time, there were issues with reference to communism where some of the people on the streets were suspected of being sympathizers. In one of the instances where the ex-husband and his wife come to collect some furn

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