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Watch The Film Of "The Big Burn" And Prepare Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the film of "The Big Burn" through this following website
This is for government class also have to in following format
1. When did you watch the film? With whom? Why chosen? (1.p.)
2.What was the film trying to teach you? (1 para)
3. Was the film well done? Interesting? lively?Etc? (1-2 paras)
4. How did the film touch you intellectually or emotionally? (1 para)
5. Describe the techniques used(eg-narration, flashbacks, news, footage, re-enactments...)--1para
6. Do you recommend this to others? Why, Why not, etc. (1 para)
7. Message? What would you like to see a film about? Etc...

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23 February 2017
Review of The Big Burn documentary by PBS
Last night, I watch the documentary film with my uncle. I chose to watch the film with him because he had a friend who was a part of the United States Forest Service. More particularly, I watched this with him because I know that he could provide meaningful insights from the conversations that he had with his friend. During the film, he said that he already went to a forest service ranger station in California where his friend worked before. There he saw a big photo of Gifford Pinchot hanging by the wall where his friend told him some history about the US forest rangers.
With regards to the film itself, I notice that the film tried to convey the idea that humans must be more careful and considerate of their environment. This was one of the main points explicitly stated in the documentary, where the narrator stated that “humans tend thinks that they can control fire [the environment]”. By using a deeper analysis on this quote, it is noticeable that the main message is that ‘the environment can live without us, but we cannot live without the environment’. In my opinion, this is the big message that the film is trying to deliver to its viewers.
While watching the film, I notice that it was presented in such a manner where it looks like a move. Certai...
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